Friday, June 23, 2017

Montana GOP Going for the Jugular, Takes Down Dem Senator over ObamaCare

This is great news.

The Montana Republican Party is pushing hard to get rid of liberal Democratic US Senator Jon Tester.

He never should have stayed in office after Election 2012. He barely--just barely--held onto his seat, as Democrats gained seats in Election 2012, even though Obama and Obamacare were supposed to drag down the Democratic ticket.

Now, with Election 2018 on the horizon, and the looming threats of Obama's diminishing legacy still hurting Americans, it looks like finally--FINALLY--the Montana GOP will get rid of Jon Tester.

Check out their latest eblast:

For Immediate Release
June 23, 2017

Jon Tester, vulnerable incumbent

Montana GOP Chairman Debra Lamm Statement on Senator Tester's Obamacare Lies

Senator Tester continues to let Montanans down when it comes to his steadfast support of the failing Obamacare law. Instead of working with Republicans to fix this crumbling healthcare law, Tester has gone as far as lying to his own constituents about their healthcare options. His most famous lies:
  • SEN. TESTER: "Let me be clear: If you like your plan, you get to keep it." (Tester Senate Floor Speech, 12/21/2009)
  • SEN. TESTER: "We are close to sealing the deal to change our country for the better, to finally hold insurance companies accountable, and to make health care affordable for all folks in this country." (Tester Senate Floor Speech, 12/21/2009)
"Obamacare’s failures have caused the people of Montana to feel the repercussions of restricted healthcare options and high deductibles. Despite Senator Tester’s promises, Montanans can no longer afford the 133 percent premium increases Obamacare has caused over the last four years. Unlike Democrats, who have done nothing but enforce a destructive health care plan, Senate Republicans drafted a bill that allows Americans access to quality, affordable healthcare. Montanans have suffered enough from the mess Obamacare has left them, and it’s time for Senator Tester to work with Republicans to pass legislation that ends this nightmare."  - Montana GOP Chairman Debra Lamm
He votef with Obama so much of the time.
He needs to go and we need to get a US Senator
Who votes with the American people
100% of the time!

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