Sunday, June 18, 2017

"Moderate" Democratic Candidate Depends on Left-Wing Interest Group for Money

Another eblast from, more proof that the Democratic Party has become desperate as well as out-of-touch not just with Middle America, but reality itself.

They are hoping for any kind of upset, even though Democrats are barely holding on the liberal-leaning seats, despite having to spend millions of dollars doing so.

They lost a potential pick-up in Montana. They lost the mayor's race in Omaha, Nebraska.

Even though the registration is slipping toward Democratic little be little in the northwestern Georgia Congressional district, there is no guarantee of a sudden upset.

In fact, the only reason that liberal Jon Ossoff made it into the runoff is that 16 Republicans were vying for the chance to replace Dr. Tom Price.

If there had been fewer Republicans, chances are that two would have made it into the Top Two at the outset.

But Ossoff gets to carry the burned-out torch for the dying Democratic Party.

And he has desperately decided to depend on uber-leftists to do his dirty work:

Dear MoveOn member,

Early this year, in the wake of Donald Trump's election, I decided that I couldn't sit on the sidelines. After talking with one of my mentors, civil rights hero Representative John Lewis, we launched an improbable campaign for Congress.

When we started this campaign, no one thought we could win. We weren’t even supposed to come close. But we’ve built incredible momentum—and now we’re just three days away from making HISTORY.

Here’s the thing: Donald Trump and Paul Ryan see our momentum too. They’re doing everything they can to crush our campaign.

Arthur, I need your help more than ever. I am proud to have earned MoveOn's endorsement through a vote of MoveOn members in Georgia's 6th District, and MoveOn members like you have helped power our campaign from the beginning. But right-wing Super PACs have made this the most expensive House race in history. We are TIED in the polls. And, with your help in these final days, we could win!
That's why I'm writing you directly, before my election in just three days, with a humble request:

This campaign isn’t about me, Arthur.

It’s about coming together to send a clear message about the type of leadership we want in Washington: accountable, transparent, and compassionate.

It’s about standing up for our progressive values and our belief that no matter who you are or where you come from, your voice ought to be heard.

And it's about proving that Americans everywhere—from New York City to Newt Gingrich's former district (the one I am competing for)—oppose this cynical, partisan, attack on health care.
If you believe that no American should needlessly suffer or die from preventable or treatable illness, then I need your support right now.

If you believe that no American should be unable to make ends meet because of out-of-control medical bills, then I need your support right now.

If you are dedicated, as I am, to defending Medicare and Medicaid, to ensuring that young people can stay on their family plan, to preventing discrimination against Americans with pre-existing conditions, to ensuring veterans swiftly get the care and benefits they’ve earned, and to defending Planned Parenthood, then I need you with me.

If you believe that NOW is the time to take on corruption and fraud and a system in Washington rigged for those with lobbyists and PACs and to fight back against "alternative facts" with the truth, then you can help make that happen by helping me give the people of Georgia's 6th District the sort of representation they want and deserve then we need to give it our all in the next three days. If we don’t, we’ll regret it forever.

So here's my humble request: Please donate whatever you can to my campaign. $6—or whatever you can afford—will make a big difference.

Thank you so much for your support. Together, we will win this.

—Jon Ossoff

Now, correct me if i am wrong ...

But isn't this Georgia Democrat trying to show how mainstreet, middle of the road he is?

I do not know how he can make that case to anyone if he is getting money and support from same left-wing national PAC that was promoting and pandering to Elizabeth Warrn to run for President of the United States.

All the attack ads against Ossoff are pretty clear and accurate--this man is a New York/Hollywood Liberal pretending to be moderate so that he can compete in a Northwestern Georgia set.

Ugh! Give me a break!

Jon Ossoff wants to advertise himself as some kind of outsider alternative.

But Lo and Behold he will not be an independent voice in Congress, He will do the bidding of and the building of the anti-American, pro-socialist Left which has taken over the Democratic Party.

Does anyone really believe that Ossoff will start off as an independent voice in Washington DC for Georgians and their values?

Here's his answer to that:

Throw him out! Vote for Karen Handel for Congress!

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