Wednesday, June 21, 2017

They're NOT GRRRRRREAT! Left-Wing Donor Corporation Kelllogg's Closing--Even in California!

The Winning!

It never stops, even here in deep blue California.

Two  cities in Southeastern Los Angeles County are now being targeted for repeal of their utility users tax.

The millions of dollars from left-wing donors in California and Massachusetts could not flip a swing seat in Georgia, or Montana, or any other special election which has taken place over the last six months following Trump's victory.

Conservatives are not just winning political contests.

They are also winning the culture wars. Conservative activists are swarming campuses fighting the illiberal tyranny of cultural marxism. imposed on unwitting minds.

The media is in total freefall, unable to drive a left-leaning narrative which everyone else takes as gospel truth.

And now big business is taking a huge hit on the chin for funding left-wing interest groups and terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter.

They also tried to boycott Breitbart in bankruptcy

One specific corporation getting targeted?

Kellogg's, and even in California!

Here's a report from the Orange County Register:

Kellogg Co. will lay off 280 people in La Palma, effective July 29 as it shutters a distribution center, according to notices filed with the state. The company will also lay off 230 people in Roseville, effective Aug. 4.
The layoffs include the distribution center, sales and merchandising employees.
They are tanking fast. When they can't even survive in California, you know that they are in trouble!
When I shop at the 99 Cent store, I refused to purchase any Kellogg's products, and when I had heared about the corrupt, left-wing hate groups funded by Kellogg's, I tossed what I had left:

I am so glad that I could dump Kellogg's, and now the rest of the country is dumping them too!
Now, we have to recognize that the OC Register, bought out by the left-leaning Southern California news group, is trying to dress up the layoffs as a processing change:
The Michigan-based company announced in February that it would move from direct-store delivery centers, like the one in La Palma, to a warehouse model. Warehouses are already used by Pringles and the rest of its North American business.
Oh, so it's a different strategy to ship products. But shipping products to a warehouse diminishes the efficiency and speed of pushing one's products. So, this move is not about better service. It's nothing but cost-cutting.
Kellogg's is an anti-American organization, hostile to the best interests of American citizens. They wanted to throttle an open, diverse media, and they want to push every perverse, left-wing agenda item they can, including socialism, racism/victimhood, and now homosexuality and transgenderism.
#DumpKellogg's, everyone! They are not worth it!

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