Friday, June 16, 2017

Trump Supporter Files Official Complaint Against Racist Huntington Park City Council

More Americans are standing up to illegal cities and their outrageous violations of our First Amendment rights.

The Huntington Park city council violated the Brown Act numerous times by preventing men and women of all backgrounds because the city council did not want to deal with the large number of people who wanted to criticize the city for their destructive, abusive policies against the President and our federal immigration laws.

They actually thought they could get away with lying to the public, telling them that the Huntington Park city council chambers was already at capacity.


From Joseph Turner:

Hello Deputy DA Michele Gilmer:

I am writing to express my concerns about an incident that I was a part of during the Huntington Park city council meeting on June 6, 2017.

The city council refused to allow myself and a group of patriotic Americans access to their meeting chambers at the beginning of the meeting. We were forced to stand sequestered in the city hall lobby for more than an hour during the presentations segment of the agenda.

After that period of the agenda was completed, a Huntington Park police officer only allowed a handful of individuals up their stairs and into the council chambers. I was in the next group when he cut off the line and stated that the chambers were at capacity.

I knew there was virtually zero chance that those chambers were at capacity. I knew from years of experience attending government meetings that most of the individuals involved in those presentations would have left afterwards.

I am linking to a video featuring myself (wearing a baseball hat) engaging the officer and asking him point blank if the chambers were at capacity. He repeatedly lied and I find that appalling.

This is unacceptable behavior. There were several individuals who were called throughout public comment because they had submitted a speaker slip but were unable to speak because they were down in the lobby and unable to hear their name called.

This officer and the department needs to be held accountable for what I believe was a Brown Act violation.

Joseph Turner, Executive Director
American Children First

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