Monday, June 19, 2017

Breaking: American Children First Files UUT Repeal Initiative in Huntington Park (Corrupt City Clerk Tries to Stop Filing!)

Joseph Turner, Founder of American Children First, is on a mission. He wants to help defund sanctuary cities, jurisdictions which refuse to recognize and comply with our nation's federal immigration laws.

The first city in his target, Cudahy, had initially rebuffed the filing because Turner did not qualify as an elector in the city--at least per the opinion of city attorney Rick "Roybal" Olivarez. Unwilling to waste any time, Turner reached out to determined Cudahy residents, men and women who want to starve Cudahy's corrupt government. The first step of the process has beeh achieved.

Joseph Turner (Right) playing Sanctuary City Bingo
Now, Turner is filing the same initiative in de facto sanctuary city Huntington Park with the help of residents like Nick Iaoniddis, aka Nick the Greek. This move is a success and a media victory in itself, since Nick the Greek, the founder of Immigrants Day, has endured so much anti-American abuse at the hands of the corrupt, and some would allege Brown Supremacist city council.

The Huntington Park City Council and police department continue to flout, to defy federal law, especially with the appointment of two illegal aliens to their city commissions. This behavior is beyond outrageous.

And now they are going to feel the pain.

Turner has targeted sanctuary cities for their disregard in the best way possible:take away their money.

We all love Jeff Sessions, and no one would suggest that the Attorney General is failing in his duties. While he is taking on MS-13 gangs and ensuring the enforcement of visa overstays, we Californians have every right and opportunity to take on cities, too.

I arrived at about 11:15 am this morning at Huntington Park city hall.

And there was that news van, again!

Corrupt Cosme, the Huntington Park Chief of Police, getting a phone call.

From whom? Members of the city council, who don't want  the initiative to succeed?

Men and women were lined up for different issues. When I wen to the city clerk's office, two news cameras were already there recoding Turner submitting the paperwork along with Nick!

Turner with Huntington Park resident Daniel Salazar, life-long resident of Lawless HP.

Nick the Greek in America!

The cameras were trained on the city clerk's office as Turner helped Nick the Greek to submit the initiative filing:

Then things got really interesting.

The city clerk's staffer REFUSED to accept the paperwork!

She actually claimed that only the city clerk herself, Donna Schwartz, would accept and stamp the initiative filing.


But we persisted. In no way were any of us leaving the city clerk's office until Turner finished the filing process for Nick's initiative!

Donna Schwartz, the city clerk, saw the two cameras, the two Huntington Park residents, Joseph Turner, and me. She just quickly ran past us and said "I am not authorized to take your papers."

WHAT? Since when has a city clerk every denied the public their right to submit legal papers?

If ever? Of course, this evasion is not the first time Schwartz ran away from us

Then came the "Three Stooges", aka Chief of Police Corrupt Cosme, Lieutenant "Full Capacity" Martinez, and Sergeant Unsettle Settles:

Sergeant Settles, who for some reason
insisted on seizing my phone without probable cause ....

"You guys? AGAIN?! We are at full capacity!"

Martinez lied to all of us June 6th,
when he claimed that the city council chambers was at full capacity

This miasma of nonsense was beyond belief! Does it really require the chief of police, a lieutenant. and a sergeant to process an imitative in the city of Huntington Park?

Daniel Salazar told me that this has become "business as usual" in HP,  though. The city acts as though the are independent of the laws of the United States for some reason. What are they thinking?

The  Lieutenant Alfred Martinez refused to explain to me why he had claimed the city council chambers were "at capacity." He then became secretary for the day taking our paperwork, and then get everything stamped. He even informed Turner and the rest of us that there was no filing fee.


I am not buying any of this. Of course, Martinez was on record with three cameras bearing on him, which have all affirmed that "There is no filing fee."

Yes, he stated that.

I found Nick the Greek's stamp on the paperwork.

At the top of the paper, there was a simple stamp which indicated "Received"--and nothing more.

Normally, a filing fee is $200, and Turner was ready with the money. What is going on?!

We all congregated outside to figure out what steps to take next.

Salazar did share with me concerns that the city of Huntington Park, which does not seem to care about cameras recording their crimes and corruption, will kick away the initiative, claiming that "no fee was provided."

Well, well, well.

Lo and behold, the Huntington Park police and corrupt city council are finding that the citizens of the United States are not backing away from their fight in Huntington Park.

As a reminder, the repeal of the Utility Users Tax needs only 176 signatures to qualify for a city ballot, and when the residents vote for repeal, the city will descend deeper into bankruptcy.

If cities refuse to protect citizens and respect our laws, then they deserve to go bankrupt.

Final Reflection

The Huntington Park illegal alien, corrupt establishment is terrified.

They falsely arrested an American citizen.

They have routinely violated the Brown Act in city council chambers.

Corrupt gangs run the streets. Special interest vendors have essentially bribed Karina Macias and funded the campaigns for the four other city council members on the dais. They actually believed that they could get away with appointing two illegal aliens to city commissions. They are in cahoots with every corrupt enterprise in the South East LA Area.

Now they have to contend with multiple lawsuits plus a tax repeal initiative, which if passed, will bankrupt the city once and for all.

It's about time that justice, swift and sincere, finally swept through this corrupt outpost to illegal immigration, corruption, and outright evil!

Si Se Puede DEPORT!

The best part? Nick the Greek is witnessing more justice for all the pain and suffering which he has endured in his adopted home!

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