Sunday, June 25, 2017

Update on Congressman Steve Scalise: Staying Strong

Congressman Steve Scalise
"Tonight, our thoughts and prayers remain with one friend who is not here, a man we have all come to know and respect and to love, Congressman Steve Scalise. The outpouring of support for Steve and his family has been truly inspiring.

"We are so touched that joining us here this evening are Steve and Jennifer’s children, Harrison and Madison. Beautiful children. In fact, we just gave them a tour of the White House. Just gave them a beautiful tour of the White House. They got the A tour. You know, sometimes we give the B, the C, the D, and the F tours—just like, “Here it is, let’s get out of here.” We gave them the A tour.

"I want them to know that the whole country is praying for their courageous dad, and all of us are praying for them. It’s been amazing. The recovery is going now well. For two days [they were] saying it’s really tough, but today I can report that things are looking very, very good, so we’re very happy about that.

"I also want to give a very special thanks to Special Agents Griner and Bailey of the Capitol Police. Lucky they were there for their life-saving actions and all of the members of Congress, a lot of brave people in Congress who acted in those moments of danger and protected each other. They cared for the wounded, they shielded the vulnerable, and they really did put their own safety aside. So, I want to thank some of those people were really, very, very brave. We would’ve never maybe found out about them, except we got to see them in action, so now we know for sure. But we want to thank them. There was a great deal of bravery on behalf of everybody."

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