Wednesday, June 28, 2017

LA Times Forced to Change Story about Me in "Brandishing" Cudahy Report

As expected, the Los Angeles Times not only reported on what happened in Cudahy--a law-abiding citizen was unjustly arrested for drawing out his weapon to protect himself--but had to report that I was connected to this event in some way.

Hailey Branson had to fix her story
about me and others fighting illegal immigration

I wasn't even there!

Check out what the Los Angeles Times (Running Out) had printed:

Yes, the reporter had to mention that I was arrested in Huntington Park earlier this month.

Sure! That's right--the Trump supporters are the lawless ones, even though we are the ones who are demanding that rule of law mean something in Los Angeles County.

I informed Hailey Branson how out of line this was by simply tell her that I filed a claim against Huntington Park for the false arrest.

And Lo and behold:

She wanted me to provide more information. I directed her to seek a FOIA. There are too many reporters simply not willing to do their jobs with any real diligence.

And just in case you do not recognize the change:

Final Reflection

I have found this increasingly that I have to correct reporters just to get the facts straight.

One journalist had so many spelling errors in his article, that I wonder what the paper is paying the man. Perhaps that reporter should sue his college for breach of contract.

Anyway--it's not that hard to stand up to the media narratives and fake news.

Just make your case and get the statements out there!


  1. The age of "objective" journalism is long gone. When you add an over whelming strong political paradigm the news almost always takes on that tone.

  2. The LA Times has refused to cover any of the happenings going on in Cudahy or Huntington Park until now.

    May 22 where one of our activists is punched in the face by masked Antifa and two dozen deputies called to disperse the coverage.

    June 12 Cudahy meeting with 3 dozen deputies on coverage

    Initiative filed to defund coverage

    Initiative filed to defund Huntington coverage

    Huntington Park city council meeting where police officer lied to us about chambers being filled to coverage