Thursday, June 15, 2017

Right to Work Foundation is Taking on the AFL-CIO

See what the Right to Work Foundation is taking on now.

Big Labor cannot stand the idea of working men and women choosing whether they join a union or not.

Even when duly-elected representatives expand their liberties, labor unions insist on fighting back.

Check out what RTW is doing to stop this!

Dear Arthur,

"Shame on the AFL-CIO."

Those are the words of Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin in response to AFL-CIO union bosses lawsuit against the Commonwealth's new Right to Work law.

A law that has freed thousands of Kentuckians from the shackles of Big Labor and has already resulted in huge economic growth.

Just days ago, Braidy Industries announced it would be building a $1.3 billion plant in Kentucky which would bring 550 permanent jobs along with countless numbers of construction jobs.

The Wall Street Journal summed it up in their headline: "The Mill That Right to Work Built." In the article they report the Ashland, Kentucky plant never have been built if Governor Bevin hadn't signed Kentucky's Right to Work bill into law in January.

But you see Arthur, union bosses could not care less about the jobs and increased economic opportunity Right to Work is bringing to Kentucky.

They are only concerned with restoring their forced dues powers over workers, so they can threaten Kentucky workers: Pay up or be fired.

The National Right to Work Foundation has seen this game before with Foundation staff attorneys defending Right to Work laws across the country, most recently in Michigan, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

That is why the Foundation immediately set up a special legal task force to defend the law even before the ink was dry on Governor Bevin's signature on the bill.

And now, with Big Labor's lawsuit to overturn the Bluegrass State's new Right to Work law just as Kentucky is reaping the economic benefits, staff attorneys for your Foundation are already preparing their response to the AFL-CIO's lawsuit

Your continued support allows the Foundation to continue to defend state Right to Work laws across the country while at the same time defending individual workers from union boss abuse.

Thank you for all you do for worker freedom.


Mark Mix
President, National Right to Work

P.S Please click here to watch Governor Bevin's speech and to chip in with a tax-deductible contribution of $10 or more today to support our efforts in Kentucky.

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