Friday, June 16, 2017

My Official Complaint Against the Huntington Park City Council: Brown Act Violations and Unjust Arrest

Deputy Gilmer:

I would like to file the following complaints against the Huntington Park City Council and police departments:

At the June 6th, 2017 Huntington Park City Council meeting:

  1. The police department asked all individuals from the public wishing to attend to wait in line to be released to enter the Huntington Park City Council chambers. At one point, the police officer supervising the line-up claims that the chambers had reached capacity. That is a lie.

Check out the attached photo which shows the available city council seats.

Here are two videos:

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2. I was ruled out of order without being informed for what reason. I was given "two warnings", then I was forced to leave.

I uietly protested and stayed seated because I had done nothing wrong.

I was then arrested for not giving up my seat to leave. I was wrongly ruled out of order. I did not disrupt the meeting.

I did not disobey a lawful order from a police officer, because it was not a lawful order from the presiding officer.

Here is the entire video of the public comment period -- and you will see that I did not disrupt the meeting.

I was unjustly charged with two misdemeanors:

PC 148(a)(1)

PC 403

This is wrong. I have presented the copy/photos of the citation.

My rights were violated--and so were the rights of everyone else who was told that there was no room.

I need a redress of grievance and a clear rebuke issued to the city council for these violations.
This is egregious!

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