Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Third World Dysfunction in California: Maywood

Maywood, California had a visit from the crazy brown supremacists who have been disrupting meetings in other cities, like Cudahy and Huntington Park.

Maywood is the most dysfunctional city in the Southeastern LA region.

It's even worse than Cudahy!

Check out this article from last November about the rowdy, dysfunction council meeting in a city which is on the brink of dis-incorporation.

Recall notices, a clown activist and a rowdy debate over marijuana. Welcome to a meeting of the Maywood City Council

First the mayor accused a councilman of withholding money from the city. Then the city clerk accused the mayor of wrongfully cutting an item from the agenda. Then all five Maywood council members and the clerk got served with recall petitions as the meeting degenerated into wild jeers and thunderous applause.

Wow! Direct democracy in action ... but what happens when the people in the city are up in arms about what is happening? They elected these clowns, and now they want to recall them?!

And that was before the clown showed up.

“Where do you come from?” someone asked Edwin Thomas Snell, who wore a pink, curly wig, jumbo neon green glasses and a red nose.

Clowns are fun--except when they are elected and expected to govern a municipality.

“Your mother’s house,” the sassy clown replied. “Now the meeting is a circus,” one man yelled as the riled-up crowd laughed.

It took just 30 minutes for Wednesday night’s Maywood City Council meeting to devolve into the latest bit of theater in a city that’s struggled with financial issues and political infighting.

Terrible. What kind of a city allows such elected nullities get away with this madness? No wonder Thomas Martin resigned!.

But in this case, much of the tumult seemed to arise from a case of political reefer madness: Many people who showed up were there to speak for or against a proposed amendment to the city’s zoning codes that would permit marijuana dispensaries to set up shop in a tiny town of just over one square mile.  

The Los Angeles Times has resorted to making smarmy repartees in their reporting. They have to click-bait as best as they can to ensure some kind of readership for their diminishing stock.

In an often vain effort to restore order, Mayor Ramon Medina spent the night banging a gavel.

“The gavel is going to break,” Jose Gaxeola, 65, exclaimed.

The banging of gavels happens a lot in these cities. They have to resort to force in order to get people in line.

At one point, Medina seemed to run out of the energy needed to pound the wooden hammer, and few could hear him speak over the loud chants of “recall” and “fuera” (out).

The recall failed. Boo hoo!

Lt. Sam Arellano of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had to try to reclaim calm at least seven times during the meeting, reminding people not to interrupt speakers.

Arellano faced the same kind of outbursts in Cudahy. Since then, the LA County Sheriff's department has brought in 30 to 40 deputies to ensure safety at all costs.

Wow. That's going to cost the city, and that's not going to ensure long-term order in the city or on the streets. It still amazes me that the residents of Cuday granted Chris Garcia another four years. They need to recall him.

“It’s the responsibility and duty of the mayor to control the crowd,” he said. “But sometimes we have to help.”

The standing room only crowd often broke into shouting matches. Some residents held signs of a pot plant crossed over with the words “No Marijuana.”

Wow. And I really thought that Cudahy was bad. This is third-world turmoil, and it's all right here in Los Angeles County.

Sara Mesa, 32, a Maywood resident, was among those who disapproved of the measure.

“We voted for you guys to be here and represent us, and you’re clearly not paying attention to what the people are saying,” she said. “We don’t want that trash in our city.”

I am deeply saddened at how dysfunctional and unaccountable local government has become in this part of the state. The city councilmembers don't think they have to listen to anyone. Who are they listening to? The drug cartels, the labor unions, and the Democratic Party,

Julio Sanchez, 36, who is suffering from Stage 2 testicular cancer and recently moved to Maywood, said he supported the measure. He said cannabis helps him manage his pain.

“It helps my well-being,” Sanchez said.

Despite the number of speakers who opposed the measure, the council voted in favor of it.  Some residents immediately began to chant “Recall, recall.”

Councilman Thomas Martin left the room before a reporter could ask questions about the recall notice. Councilman Sergio Calderon said he hadn’t looked at it and didn’t know what to say.

Martin is gone. He quit, probably because he got tired of the chronic corruption and B-S.

Mayor Pro Tem Eduardo De La Riva and City Clerk Gerardo Mayagoitia said they believed that they received the recall notices because they have been vocal critics of the council majority.

Final Reflection

Maywood is a total nuthouse.

It should be a matter of time before the city goes bankrupt.

I can't wait for American Children First to target that city's utility user's tax!

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