Thursday, June 29, 2017

Comments to Corrupt Cudahy City Council: June 29, 2017

The Cudahy City Council has had three city council meetings in three days.

What a waste of time and money. Or is this on purpose to hide your criminal abuse and misuse of city funds.

And where is Chris Garcia? Shouldn’t he be here? After all, this meeting is all about the budget, isn’t it?

What a shameful display of incompetence and corruption.

By the way, why is Chris Garcia staying in a 5-star hotel in Mexico? He was here on Tuesday for that special meeting. He is an unemployed bachelor who lives with his college girlfriend in Lawndale.

How could he get that kind of money to fly to Mexico and stay in such an expensive hotel, all while his city faces dire financial straits, and his constituents are overtaxed and underrepresented?

This whole thing stinks, a gross misuse of funds and the truth in this city.

Also, On June 26, 2017, brown supremacists, and wicked racist hordes—all thugs who work for Chris Garcia--stalked a group of Trump supporters beyond the limits of this city hall.

They surrounded the vehicle driven by Tom Green, a retired parole officer and veteran, who had four people with him, including two women.

Because of the menacing threats of Garcia’s thugs, Green drew out his weapon, which he had the legal and moral right to do, to ward off danger.

He was unjustly charged, and the display of acrimony from 20 sheriff’s deputies is untenable.
Slowly but surely the truth is coming out about this corrupt, abusive city council.

By the way, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ issued a deadline for all sanctuary jurisdictions to comply with federal law: June 30th.

Since you cannot budget based on facts and figures, and it’s well-known that this city has only $500,000 left in the bank, you are on the brink of bankruptcy. The repeal of the utility user’s tax isn’t going to subsidize your corrupt mismanagement, either. I suggest you comply with federal law, or be prepared to explain to your tax-paying residents why all core services have been cut off.

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