Sunday, June 4, 2017

Preliminary Reaction to LA Times Article About Me


Just wow.

My father had to explain to me how big this moment is.

The LA Times has done a cover story on me.

"Arthur, you appeared above the fold! Do you know how rare that is?!"

The point my father was trying to make to me? My picture appeared on the part of the front page that is immediately facing up when the paper drops.


I read over it, and I liked the title that appears in print: "South Bay man goes toe-to-toe for President."

I also liked how the report listed me as the leader of "The resistance to the resistance."

Let's make something very clear: lots of people in this LA County and California for Trump movement are leaders of the Real Resistance: the resistance to left-wing political correctness tyranny which undemines our natural rights, natural law, the United States Constitution, and individual liberty.

One of my favorite pictures from the Internet version of the article
I like the quote, too.

The response I have received from people all over Southern California has been positive and encouraging. Emails from people who live in Torrance or other cities in the South Bay now want to get involved with the movement to Make California Great Again! This is really exciting.

Of course, as expected ...

The article has its liberal slant. Is anyone surprised, or does anyone even care anymore? Most people who still read the newspaper are well-aware of the distorted liberal bias in the press. They know about it and they filter it out, or they just don't care. The massive amounts of support I have received from fellow conservatives and other readers far outweighs whatever smear or slant the reporters and the editors tried to perpetrate.

The fact is, the more that the "mainstream media" writes about me and others, we get more credibility while they get less. President Donald Trump mastered the epic takedown of the corrupt liberal press.

And now the rest of us can follow in his footsteps.

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