Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Who Was Corrupt Cosme Talking to? The Huntington Park City Council?

With all the crazy, hateful activists swarming into Huntington Park over the last two months, one has to ask ..

What is going on with the corrupt city council?

Sadly, because of voter fraud and manipulation, Karina La Korrupta made it back into office, along with her partner in crime Manny Avila, who can't even speak that much English to begin with!

What about the rest of these corrupt frauds?

Marilyn Sanabria is now the corrupt mayor of Huntington Park. She is an open lesbian with no honor or right to be in charge of anything

And there is nothing good anyone can say about Jhonny Pineda, the fool who appointed the two illegal aliens to the city commissions in the first place!

Then add to that the angry and abusive Graciela Ortiz--the whole bunch of rotten deplorables still holds some kind of sway.

It is beyond untenable.

Now, back to Cosme.

Who was he talking to on the phone Monday?

"Yeah, boss? You want me to stop the initiative? HOW?!

I had arrived at the city hall at 11:15am.

By then, Cosme new about Joseph Turner's initiative to defund Huntington Park.

So, who was he talking to?

Was he taking orders from Cisneros the City Manager?

What about the mayor?

Were they telling him to stall, to delay the initiative paperwork?

Anything is possible at this point. The corruption in this town stinks to high heaven.

When will enough be enough? Reminder--this city is a Democratic machine town, in which the communistic corrupto-crats do whatever they want.

Not any more. Residents, law-abiding citizens in Huntington Park have had enough.

They are filing the tax repeal initiative. If the Huntington Park city council chooses to continue  embracing lawlessness, they they will go bankrupt, and I say let the city disincorporate. Cities have no right to exist when the elected officials, the police, and the public workers in general refuse to do their jobs.

Why should taxpayers put money into a city which abuses their power and misuses the funds?

It's time for a final siege, the siege of Huntington Park!

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