Friday, June 23, 2017

Police State: Oregon Police Prevented Pictures With Signs in State House

It's been about three weeks since I could look over what happened to me in Oregon over the Free Speech rally that occurred during the weekend of June 3-5.

First, there was the widespread, nationally recognized free speech rally in the midst of deep blue Portland in the middle of deep blue Oregon.

Then I went to the state legislature located in Salem, which is located only 30 minutes away from my parents' home.

As soon as I had a chance to go, I brought with me Trump gear, including my hat and my batter:

Within five seconds of these photos taken, one of the state troopers told me "No signs in the state legislature."


I was able to take photos with in the California State capitol.

But not in Oregon?


Then check out what I had to tolerate when I was looking over the State House of Representatives Floor:

A plainclothes state policeman gripped me by the sides and told me not to take out my hat or use it as a sign.



I confronted him, and told him my concerns. I recorded him the whole time.

I asked for his badge number:

That was the second time in the weekend that I had to confront a police officer and push back on seeming violation of my rights.

The police officer got more than an earful.

Then he told me that state troopers were following someone who had their signs out.

There's the state trooper

That was me, yes, and I told the police officer that I respect the rules of the state house.

A state police officer about 50 feet away walked off.

FYI--the last time I checked the First Amendment was sacrosanct.

Since when did the state of Oregon decided that they did not have to abide by Constitutional law?

And I decided to have the last laugh!

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  1. Oregon is going the way of Venezuela. No wonder that several counties on the southern Oregon border want to combine with several counties on the northern Kalifornia border to form the state of Jefferson. "Free Speech" is one of the first things to go in a totalitarian society.