Thursday, June 29, 2017

WINNING! Newman Gets a Recall!

Thank GOD!

The Republican Party of California is not a total lost cause.

I was worried. Really, what else would it have taken to ensure that our government actually served we the people rather than they the special, corrupt, lawless interests?!

There is a hope for this state.

Check out the latest eblast from the California Republican Party:


  Contact: Kaitlyn MacGregor
June 27, 2017
84,988 Signatures Submitted to Recall State Senator Josh Newman
Today, the California Republican Party (CRP) announced that it has collected and submitted 84,988 signatures in the effort to recall State Senator Josh Newman. The campaign needs at least 63,593 signatures from voters within Senate District 29 by mid-October to qualify the recall for a vote.

“Voters in Senate District 29 have made their opposition to Newman’s vote on the gas tax and car tax increases very clear. The speed with which voters signed the petitions is a testament to the anger they feel towards these tax increases and a fear of what liberal Josh Newman might decide to tax next,” stated California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte.

In a cynically corrupt attempt to shield Senator Newman from the impending recall, Democrats in the Legislature scrambled to pass Senate Bill 96, a gut and amend bill that would needlessly extend the state’s recall approval process, denying voters in Senate District 29 the due process of a speedy election.

“It is a clear abuse of power for the same legislators who voted for a wildly unpopular gas tax to now change the rules applying to recall elections in order to protect their colleague form the voters of his community,” stated Brulte. “The Democrats’ attempt to quell the movement by retroactively changing the rules is pure political gamesmanship and completely undermines our democratic process."

In light of the legislative tomfoolery the CRP will continue to circulate recall petitions and turn in signatures to ensure all voters who desire to sign have the ability to do so.

This is great news!
The Republicans and all the conservative activists raised enough time and resources to collect the signatures.
We have it within us to change the course of the state of California. 
We the People can do this! I am so honored that I could join the fight and help collect signatures in Brea California earlier this week, too!
By the way, I am convinced that Newman should not have won that senate seat. It was the slimmest of margins following a sudden surge of votes in the last weeks of the count. I say "Voter Fraud!"

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  1. This COULD be the beginning of the end for California Democrat's thick rule over the once Golden State. The potential for a Republican Revolution 2018 will be growing stronger, just like Solidarity did in 1980's Poland! Legislatures have throughout history gone from Super-majorities to super-minority status.

    Just look at the swing that occured in the 1894 U.S. House Elections,_1894