Monday, June 19, 2017

Creepy Cudahy Chris Pushes LGBT Perversion onto Conservative, Working Class Community

The deafening hatred and dishonor of the Cudahy City Council toward their own constituents is particularly disgusting.

These little kids masquerading as adults want to impose the loony progressivism which they imbibed after four years of college. What exactly did they learn? They did not learn how to balance a budget.
They have no capacity for understanding how the world really works.

The majority of people on the city council dais are incompetent little children with serious emotional problems. Rather than work out differences and do what is best for the city, they just want to gather power to themselves and lord it over everyone else.

There is nothing in their background or emotional make-up to suggest that they can adopt or adapt mature responsibilities for anything.

Now they want to push LGBT nonsense.

I wonder how the churches in the city of Cudahy feel about this?

Check out the lavish, extravagant presentation of these perversion behaviors here:

Two words came to mind to describe this pantheon of sexual anarchy:

Child abuse.

Do these city councilmembers really think this kind of crap is appropriate for children?

What do we say to the adults who allow this agenda to be imposed on them and their community?

Last year, when State Senator Ricardo Lara was dead-set on shutting down Christian colleges for teaching their Biblical values. It's called the First Amendment, but California Democrats do not believe in Freedom of Speech.

The believe in Freedom of Conformity. You see things there way, and then you are free to do whatever you want. I have another word for that: tyranny.

Is there any time for pro-America patriots who have the time to protest in front of the churches? It's time to send a clear message to the Cudahy residents that their city council is in direct conflict with biological reality and Biblical morality.

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