Wednesday, June 28, 2017

LA Gay Pride Parade Turns into #Resist, Interviews with Buzzfeed

Some people get really alarmed when the press show up, or when a group of people want to film your responses to something.

Within minutes of my arrival at the LA Gay Pride parade earlier this month, a few recorders-reporters arrived and wanted to ask me about my views on homosexuality, transgenderism, etc.

I was not afraid to share that I am pro-life and pro-familly, one man and woman make a family together.

Now, the only reason why I share this video (Specifically the first six minutes of it) is to focus on how to handle liberal reporters.

Notice how they have liberal colors. The guy with the rainbow on his shirt had the name Buzzfeed written underneath it.

He was obviously a liberal reporter--yes, redundant perhaps, but still worth identifying.

They asked me their questions, but then I pressed on them to share with me their values.

What did they think of gay marriage? What did they think of gay pride

They got really quiet very quickly.

Then they ran away.

Now that's how you handle the media!

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