Friday, June 23, 2017

American Children First: Operation Defund Sanctaury Cities--and Maxine Waters Town Hall

Initiative Filed in Huntington Park on Monday; City Appointed Two Illegal Aliens to Commissions

"Operation Defund Sanctuary Cities" rolls on.

On Monday I filed our second initiative to defund the City of Huntington Park. Their city council appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions.

The initiative would place a measure on the ballot to repeal the utility user tax which generates more than $6 million and accounts for more than 23% of their general fund budget.

Los Angeles news stations ABC 7 and Fox 11 were on hand to report on our filing.
City Clerk Refused to Accept Paperwork
However, the filing wasn't without controversy. One of the most bizarre things I have ever experienced in my years of activism occurred.

The city clerk literally refused to accept our paper work and would not process our filing. We refused to leave. Finally, a police officer was forced to do her job for her. And we have it on video.

This is the type of lawlessness and corruption we are dealing with in these cities. We know they will do everything in their power to impede our efforts to hold them accountable.

Update on Donations Received
Earlier this month, Breitbart News placed a story about our initiative on the front page causing traffic to flood our site and take it offline for nearly the entire day. However, the readers who made the effort to find us still contributed approximately $1,000 to our "Operation Defund Sanctuary Cities" campaign via our GoFundMe page.

That $1,000 will be plowed back into supporting our activism because we are going to file our initiative in additional cities very soon. STAY TUNED!

These donations will cover the filing fees, legal notices and printing of the petitions. However, we still need to raise funds for other aspects of these campaigns as well as for operating costs like internet hosting and other services.

We need more resources to kick the ass of our open borders anti-American opposition.

If you feel that I have earned your support and believe that I am capable of providing huge returns on your investment into this cause I would kindly ask you to make a donation today.

You can make a donation online via credit card at this link. You can also contribute to our GoFundMe account if you prefer. Or you can simply mail us a check payable to "American Children First."

Please note that GoFundMe is our least preferred option since they take an 8% cut in fees.
Upcoming News & Events

June 24 - Maxine Waters Townhall Meeting

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is conducting a town hall meeting this Saturday. However, tickets are sold out. So, those of us who have tickets are going inside and a crew of activists are going to be protesting outside. If you want to join us, be there at 9 AM.

Here is the location info with the address.

Thank you for your continued support. Please share our Facebook page and articles with your friends and family. And please click the following link for more information about how to donate.

Until next time,

Joseph Turner
Founder, American Children First

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  1. GoFundMe was having problems processing payment. I tried several times but kept getting the same message. I was able to donate through your anedot link which went through fine.