Thursday, June 15, 2017

OC Grand Jury Slams "Snitching Scandal"--and the OC Weakly, too!

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the liberal media forced to eat crow for their crappy reporting and misleading nonsense.

OC Weakly takes the crap-cakes for misleading smears, Fake News, and outright libel.

What OC Weakly thinks of OC DA Rackauckas

For decades, they have routinely attacked OC District Attorny Tony Rackaukas. No matter what they throw at "Tony Baloney", however, nothing sticks.

Here's one article which gives the flabby notion that the OC District Attorney would rather drag his feet than release a wrongly-convicted man from prison.

Dwayne McKinney told me and shared with 60 Minutes that he held no ill-will toward Tony Rackaukas. for his incarceration in a state prison. He worked at UC Irvine's tech department when I was an undergrad, and he was a textbook example of a miscarriage of justice.

In the early 1980's, a Burger King was robbed and the store manager murdered by a gunshot to the head. Then deputy DA Tony Rackaukas. prosecuted the case, and McKinney was fingered as the prime suspect. The evidence laid out before the DA's office and staffers seemed convincing enough to all concerned.

McKinney was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison. McKinney fought the conviction, though, and lawyers on the outside helped him out. Soon enough, another hardened criminal--already jailed--admitted to killing the young manager and robbing the restaurant. All the facts lined up, and as OC District Attorney, Tony Rackaukas. immediately signed off for McKinney's release.

So, the bogus argument that "Tony Baloney" has a problem acknowledging failures or miscarriages of justice is a total sham.

R. Scott Moxley, Hack Liar, I mean "journalist"

Of course, such niceties like faces and truth do not prevent OC Weakly writers like R. Scott Moxley and Co. from continuing their desperate smears against law enforcement in general, and the OC DA in particular.

Their latest attempt to drag him down involved the "snitching scandal" at the OC jails.

Here's the article they wrote, including the same tabloid style:

With the impending 2016 arrival of a CBS 60 Minutes crew digging into one of the nation's most troubling criminal-justice-system scandals, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas faced four uncomfortable options: one cowardly, one honest but painful, and two deceitful. Rackauckas could refuse interviews and pray the network's producers lost interest. The four-term, 74-year-old DA could also take the honorable course by coming clean and resigning office.

Do these hacks take themselves seriously?

I doubt anyone else in the OC even cares what they publish anymore--unless they are looking for cheap escorts or cheap weed.

So, they are absolutely convinced that Tony Rackaukas. is relying on imprisoned liars to make their prosecutions.

An Orange County grand jury has found no evidence of a widespread conspiracy between the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s office to illegally use jailhouse informants to aid in convicting inmates.

In a report presented Tuesday, the grand jury found that while informants were used in county jails — sometimes improperly — such incidents were "the work of a few rogue deputies who got carried away with efforts to be crime-fighters."

“Allegations of a corrupt District Attorney’s office conspiring with the Sheriff’s Department to violate citizens’ constitutional rights are unfounded,” grand jury foreperson Carrie Carmody said Tuesday during a presentation of the report.

OC DA Rackauckus, Vindicatef!

Keep in mind that this report above appeared in the liberal, NPR-related KPCC website.


So, Tony Rackauckas is vindicated--once again--and the only one who gets smeared is OC Weakly.

How do you like that, bitchez? 

I lie all the time, Bruh! That's why OC Weakly hired me!

Or should I say "Bruh", since racist anti-Semite Gabe San Roman can't spell "brother" for some reason.

I do have one question, though, for the OC Weakly staff:

How much crow are you prepared to eat?!

And let me know, because it's going to be spectacular watching you choke on your own lies!

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