Friday, June 30, 2017

Yes Indeed, CNN Lies and Is Hitler--Bitchez!

Former Breitbart editor and now Daily Wire editor John Nolte has some of the greatest memes.

I love watching him mocking the dying, desiccated corrupt media for all to see.

If Donald Trump has accomplished nothing else, the fact that he stood up to and then body-slammed the media so savagely.

Especially CNN, which is in the words of John Nolte "Lies and is Hitler."

"CNN Lies and Is Hitler" was Nolte's Twitter title for years.

He recently changed it, in light of the Real News revelations that CNN is anything but news:


And oh so accurate!

Also ...

Every time that Trump would trump the Left, Nolte would release this funny Tweet:

(•_•) /
<)   ) Merry
/    \

\ (•_•)
  (   (>  "Trumpmas"
  /    \

<)   )>  Bitchez!

/    \

How do we know this?

Check out this first video, from the undercover investigative  group Project Veritas:

The whole Trump-Russia narrative is "Bull--sh**t"


They were running the trashy hateful narrative against the President for what? Clicks? Views? A grasping attempt at relevance?

What do all the lawmakers from around the country have to say about this now?

Karen Bass? What Russia narrative? Malcolm Mance was the puppet spouting these lies at Karen Bass' town hall three months ago. She is awfully uiet now, isn't she?

When will she apologize for smearing the President with these Russia lies?

Oh, and the fraud pushed by Corrupt News Network only gets worse:

Communist Van Jones admits that the whole Russia conspiracy thing is a "Nothing Burger."

Ouch! Van Jones was the first discredited executive appointee in the Obama Administration. Even in the first year of the media-frenzied fawning over Obama, they could not cover for this card-carrying communist.

Jones had to go. Now he works for CNN. That should have alarmed the public about the Clinton News Network. Then, Lo and Behold, Van Jones spills the beans on the whole Russia fraud.

Wow! It just sucks to be Jeff Zucker, doesn't it?!

Then comes the latest bomb-shell from Project Veritas:

The CNN staffers think that "Voters are sh*t".

Elitist, arrogant, out of touch, and full-on liars, that is CNN.

They are going down hard, unable to keep up with their own frauds.

The reporters and staffers also stressed their hatred of Trump. They have a maniacal disgust of the President. How can they be objective if they hold such a rabid hatred of the President to begin with, and refuse to hide their bile?

By the way, the only reason why Crappy News Network kept pushing the Russia Fake News was for ... ratings.

So much for that now!

Yes, indeed, CNN Lies and Is Hitler--Bitchez!

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