Friday, June 16, 2017

La Raza/Mexica Movement Cowardice: Hiding Behind Children to Advance Their Agenda

Over the last three months, the La Raza Brown Supremacists have been pushing harder against American Citizens who are fighting back. We the People of the United States are prosecuting the peace, demanding that every person who enters the United States do so ... legally.

The La Raza hate-mongers have been going after every citizen Trump supporter in the country, especially in California. They do not want them to have any sense of victory or ongoing accomplishment as We the People Make California Great Again!

Notice also that they love to hide behind children. They won't face men and women, they won't take on adults, but they love pressing their hateful agenda hiding beind young people, who have been brainwashed.

I can't think of anything more loathsome!

Check out what they do with Joseph Moreno, a Huntington Park resident who calls people of diverse backgrounds "White Supremacists":

This arrogant little kid has been pumped full of hate. What was worse, he slandered Donald Trump and also Jack Guerrero. Then he went on to claim that Trump was afraid of people like him.


Then check out what he had to say in Huntington Park on June 6th:

Joseph claimed that We the People Rising and LA County for Trump were terrorists terrorizing the community.


What happened to his mentors' and handlers' rhetoric? They can't keep their own lies straight anymore! First, Moreno claims that we Trump supporters are afraid of him and other people. Then he claims that they are afraid of us.

Which is it?

Then check out the despicable behavior of the Brown Supremacists in Cudahy on June 12th:

They had lots of children joining the Brown Supremacists on one corner.

The kids were most likely walking home from school, but they decided to join the melee afterwords.

You can hear kids chanting "Hey Puto!" in the background, too. Do the parents condone this kind of vulgar behavior from their kids?

And last of all, notice how La Opinion decided to turn Joseph Moreno into a kid hero (Blah, Blah, Blah).

Here's the blurb for the article (Google Translation):

This child gives a lesson in tolerance to an anti-immigrant group which insults him.
The courage and integrity with which the boy of 12 years faces the cries and offenses of a pro Trump activist who rebuked him after the little boy gave a speech pleading for the immigrants, was recorded in video and his argument left silent to more than one: "I'm defending my people."


How did the activists in question insult this child? They didn't. It's that simple

How shameful is that?!

Now the newspaper is in on the scam. They are exploiting a child, turning him into a wannabe media star because the adults in the room do not have the courage to push the rampant lawlessness tearing up the United States.

Here's more, including the oft-repeated lie about Trump calling all Mexicans "rapists":

"You're brainwashed ... You have no ideas ... You have no common sense," an aggressive anti-immigrant activist begrudged Joseph Moreno, 12, while recording with his cell phone.

Of course, notice the same "anti-immigrant" smear published--again--in the paper.

Perhaps some of the Trump supporters in California should file an injunction against such falsehoods.

Before the provocation, instead of being carried away by the heated discussion and responding in a challenging way, the child listened attentively and with the serenity of an adult responded with arguments that recalled the speech in defense of the undocumented that a few minutes ago had spoken in, In the Town Hall of Huntington Park, California.

"Oh, Wow, what a mature child!" Right?

Wrong--this kid would give a different set of talking points in Huntington Park, compared to what he had stated in Cudahy four months prior.

Here's the rest of the "interview":

"I have common sense," he replied, touching his temple. "So I'm a racist?" The man covered with an American flag insisted to Joseph.

"You're not a racist, but the man you voted for ..." said the minor referring to President Donald Trump. "He has called Mexican rapists, drug dealers," he said in the heated debate Tuesday.

No he didn't.

Moreno has indeed been brainwashed -- or is  complicit little liar along with the adult children he runs around with.

Back to Cudahy, we notice that not only do all the Brown Supremacists have to depend on children to fill up their numbers ...

They needed Joseph Moreno to speak up for them again:

Moreno had to back-pedal from his lies at the Huntington Park meeting.

He was speaking in the Cudahy City Council meeting, and he's from Huntington Park.

Yet he called We the People Rising, American Children First, and LA County for Trump "outsiders".


Final Reflection

It is both shameful and disgraceful that Chris Garcia and his gaggle of Brown Supremacist hatemongers to Cudahy. Now they are inciting violence in other cities.

What's even more disgusting is that they are hiding behind children to push their agenda. When will the press call out this latent form of child abuse?

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