Thursday, June 15, 2017

Triggered! Random Lengths News Smears Trump Supporters Over Carson Town Hall

Random Lengths News is a liberal-progressive rag based in San Pedro, CA.

They celebrate every anti-Christian, anti-American leftist precept out there.

They believe in redistribution of wealth. They also think that marriage and life are not worth defending. They also are convinced that climate change is a serious issue which reuires massive government intervention and subsidy.

As if!

All I can say is that their writing nd reporting does not command a great deal of respect for me, although at least they provide me a clear window into their worldview.

Here's the article that RLn published about us Trump supporters taking on Congresswoman Nanette Barragan.

Check out the photo they took of us, too!

Here's the letter I wrote in response to this smear against We the People Rising and LA County for Trump:

What is it with Random Lengths News?

You guys are obsessed with me!

First, James Preston Allen says “F—k you!” after I congratulated the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council for throwing him out of office.

Then Allen claims in a response to my last letter that my support for President Donald Trump does not deserve protection under the First Amendment—what a hypocrite!

Then in the latest edition of RLn, one of his (unpaid? uneducated?) reporters wrote about my imposing visit at the Rep. Barragan—aka Cousin No-No—town hall.

To her shame, Congresswoman Nanette Barragan refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. My team and I forced her to do her basic civic duty.

You also forgot that was a town hall, and We the People hadevery right to denounce her lies about President Trump, his proposed budget and his other successful polices. You so conveniently ignore that Democratic and progressive activists all over California have been harassing Republican Congressmen in their town halls. Now Democrats whine because they’re getting a taste of their own medicine?! Boo-Hoo!

You also forgot to report that she shut people out of her town hall when she moved to the auditorium. Whatever happened to being a woman of the people, Cousin No-No?

And of course, there’s more errata in your report.

We were not shut down in Ted Lieu’s town hall. We Trump supporters made front page news, and even a special place in Random Lengths (Fake!) News. Honestly, I take great pride in your calling me an “exhibitionist”, Mr. Allen. It’s actually called “exercising one’s rights”, although I recognize that such niceties are lost on regressive leftists such as your editorial board.

As for what happened at The Crazy Black Lady’s (Maxine Waters) town hall—I was repeatedly heckled and harassed by outrageous hatemongers—two of whom were brown “La Raza” supremacists and another crazy black lady who claimed to be 50,000 years old. Then I was removed for no good reason. Talk about tolerance.

By the way, you call me the leader. I am working with an incredible, diverse coalition of Californians  who are fed up with the crime and corruption of the communist Democratic Party in this once Golden State. If you have a problem with the First Amendment, then move to a Communist country: no free speech, no press, but at least you would be out of job!

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