Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Indiana Republicans Gearing Up To Take Down Democrat Joe Donnelly in 2018

Indiana Republican Party
Joe Donnelly is a health care hypocrite.

During a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate yesterday afternoon, Senator Joe Donnelly accelerated his ‘feisty’ campaign rhetoric by insinuating that President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans have purposely promoted “chaos” in the health care marketplace for political gain.

Think about that for just a second. The same guy who rubber-stamped the passage of Obamacare, the health care bill that has killed jobs, spiked premiums and brought real chaos and uncertainty to the marketplace, is trying to blame Republicans for the mess he created!
Fire Donnelly NOW!

We don’t need an obstructionist hypocrite pretending to represent us in the U.S. Senate. We need someone who will respect the will of Hoosier voters and work with President Trump to improve our great nation.

Will you help us build our Defeat Donnelly Fund with an immediate contribution of $10, $25 or $50 today? 

Joe Donnelly wasn’t concerned when half of the insurers offering health coverage through the exchange fled Indiana late last year, but with his re-election on the horizon he thought it was time to shed his moderate fa├žade in order to fully morph into a Resistance-embracing D.C. Democrat live on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

We deserve so much better than Joe Donnelly. 

He can’t simply wash his hands of Obamacare by saying he wants to fix that disastrous bill. He bought it word for word and line for line when he succumbed to Nancy Pelosi’s wishes and voted for the bill despite the overwhelming disapproval of Hoosiers.

Now it’s time that we send a message that Joe Donnelly can’t ignore by defeating him in 2018 and sending a Republican to fight for us in the U.S. Senate.


Kyle Hupfer
Chairman, Indiana Republican Party


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