Monday, June 19, 2017

Cudahy Melee Over Sanctuary Cities (and Corrupt Politicians)

The illegal alien hatemongers and their enablers are getting stronger by the minute.

This kind of behavior is outrageous.

In this video, which I recorded during the preliminary shouting and yelling before the Cudahy City council meeting on June 12, notice that the Brown Supremacists and their supporters rely extensively on children.

You can hear all of them shouting "¡Ehhhhh PUTO!"''

Wow! That's pretty tolerant, isn't it?!

Notice that Matthew Woods tries to explain to the whole crowd, both sides, that Trump supporters disavows all white supremacy and all arguments in favor of anyone one race having supremacy over others.

The violence arose from the Brown Supremacist side over and over again.

Edin Enamorado, reporting for the Democratic Progressive News, got into a fight with one of the Trump supporters:

The melee did not end at the beginning of the meeting.

The atmosphere in the city council meeting was peaceful. So much so, the meeting was boring.

Going back outside, though, it was insane:

Notice the stark contrast in the video above, between what was happening in the meeting and then outside.

There is no white-washing or diminishing the corruption of the Cudahy city council, regardless of how quiet the meeting was.

Christ Garcia still des the bidding of the special interests and the Corrupt Democracy which runs the city and the Southeast LA Region.

The city is going bankrupt as we speak, and as I write.

The fight for Cudahy, the siege of Cudahy will not end until the sanctuary city status is rescinded, or the city goes bankrupt.

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