Monday, June 19, 2017

California Democrats Will "Keep America Great" in 2020

Or will California's demise ensure
that the rest of the country is saved?

When CNBC finally acknowledges that illegal immigration makes lots of Americans angry, and that the issue helped Donald Trump win the election, you know that the media is either:

1. Getting real and wants to compete

2. Or you are dreaming

The truth is, though, the presumably liberal outlet did muse that illegal immigration has fired up Trump's base like no other issue, and it will likely ensure a strong re-election for the President in 2020.

Check out this report:

The anti-Trump resistance is real. And if you're a taxpayer in California, it's really costing you.
The Golden State has decided to take its opposition to President Donald Trump's crackdown on illegal immigration beyond defending sanctuary city policies. The Democrat-dominated state legislature has just approved nearly $50 million for a program that will provide legal services and representation for illegal immigrants.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you get 8 years of President Trump instead of just 4.
Yes indeed.

The rest of the country, even deep blue Maryland, has become vocally anti-illegal immigration. Democratic voters mobilized against sanctuary state legislation in the Old Line State. Colorado lost its chance to go the same way. Even in Nevada, where the liberal Republican governor goes along with raising taxes and expanding Medicaid through Obamacare, Republicans and law enforcement have joined forces to stop similar sanctuary state policies.
California is a special kind of progressive stupid. The entire Democracy has overrun the Golden State, and the added notoriety, plus the Hollywood Leftists who fund the dwindling number of open seats during this election cycle. The California Democratic Party has turned into the Berniac flank of the Communistic "Democracy". They have a bone to pick with Trump, with capitalism, with freedom and prosperity.
They are not afraid to sink the entire state of California in order to pursue this perverse agenda. California, what has happened to my beautiful Golden State? Even in Massachusetts, they have a Republican govenror (however liberal he may be), and even he has stated that he will not allow Massachusetts to turn into an outlaw state.

California may descend further into Democratic doom, but no doubt the rest of the country will heave out such revulsion against their destructive, communistic agenda, that we might see another  40+ state sweep in 2020 -- for Trump!
Fine then, Corrupt Democracy! If you want to double down in your perversity, go for it.
Watch Donald Trump and the widespread movement of American citizens who will fight to Make America Great Again!

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