Friday, June 23, 2017

Beach Cities Republicans Meeting, June 15th, 2017--Bruce Bialosky

The June 15th, 2017 Beach Cities Republicans meeting was more than I expected.

Our guest speaker was willing to take time out of a very busy schedule and address our club on a number of issues, including illegal immigration as well as Obamacare and the state of political discourse today in the United States.

We had Bruce Bialosky, celebrated columnist and radio host:

 Check out the audience!

Bruce established a number of great points.

We had men and women from all over Southern California attending the meeting:


Here is the first video:

Here's the second part of the event:

Lots of people had questions to ask:



Here is a final conversation I had with Bruce Bialosky after his speech.

And it was great!

Check out his final remarks with other members of our club below!

Bruce and me
I am so glad that Bialosky had so much to share with us!

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  1. I attended the BCR meeting. Bruce was a great speaker. He was inspiring and everyone felt like getting more involved in the "Trump" / conservative agenda. That is three great meetings in a row for our BCR President Arthur.