Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Huntington Park Lieutenant Alfred "Full Capacity'' Martinez Exposed

Forgive me if I cannot withhold my outrage.

What Joseph Turner, two Huntington Park residents, and I had to put up with in Huntington Park yesterday was beyond unconscionable.

The City Clerk actually tried to prevent us from failing the paperwork for the initiative?

Then came the Three Stooges of Huntington Park Police:

Cosme Lozamo

Alfred "Full Capacity" Martinez

Joseph Settles

There is so much corruption and incompetence in Huntington Park, it makes me want to laugh and yet cry as well.

When I saw Alfred Martinez, however, I was insensate.

I called him out immediately and demanded answers as to why he lied to We the People about the capacity in the City Council chambers on June 6th.

Here's the video with Martinez getting confronted about this "capacity" issue:

Check out what happened when I confronted him yesterday:

Martinez was so unhappy that I was pointing at him: "Why are you points at me,sir?"

Because you lied to us, that's why!

He ended up serving as the secretary for the city clerk that day:

Everyone, please start filing complaints with the Huntington Park Police Department, the LA County Sheriff, the State Attorney General, and the United States Attorney General.

It's time to put the light on Alfred Martinez!

He sure wasn't interested in talking to me as he ran back to the police station!

Call the Huntington Park Police Department, and give them more than a piece of your mind!


Chief of Police Cosme Lozano (323) 826-6629
Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police Lily Garcia (323) 826-6628
Administrative Lieutenant Alfred Martinez (323) 826-6649
Administrative FAX (323) 826-6680
Of course, feel free to file more complaints to the DA's office.

Lieutenant Alfred Martinez, Badge Number 5529

Email Michelle Gilmer -- mgilmer@da.lacounty.gov

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