Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sanctuary City? Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Law-Abiding Citizen, Do Nothing About Illegals, Enabling Politicos

It's hit the airwaves and Internet sites hard.

"Trump supporters bring firearm to Cudahy."

"Anti-sanctuary city protesters threaten to shoot pro-sanctuary city protesters."

Blah, blah, blah.

The truth is .... Thomas Green of Culver City is a retired parole officer and veteran.

He possess a concealed-carry weapons permit (CCW).

No matter what the federal circuit courts and Supreme Courts may say, every American citizen with a firearm has a right to protect himself. If he perceives real danger, he has every right to draw out his weapon to ensure his protection.

What many forget is that there were four other people in the car with Tom Green, including two women.

A bunch of thugs were surrounding the vehicle, blocking points of exit:

This video does not present everything, of course.

Within two seconds, another set of individuals rush up to the car.

Then they rat out the man with a firearm.

But how does the police respond to this situation?

Instead of dealing with the Brown supremacist thugs, they sent 20 cop cars and sheriff's deputies and detained the five individuals in the vehicle.

Check out what Fox 11 news reported:

CUDAHY, Calif. (FOX 11) - An anti-sanctuary demonstrator was arrested for pulling a gun on a pro-sanctuary group in Cudahy.

For the record--again--Green was well withing his rights to draw out his firearm.

It happened Monday night at the Circle K gas station on Wilcox Avenue about a block away from where a city council meeting, attended by those on both sides sanctuary city debate, ended.

A car with Trump supporters was approached by a group of pro-sanctuary city citizens who began yelling and surrounding the car.

There it is folks. What more do you need? Even the press gets it right this time. These violent, abusive thugs were surrounding the car!

This has happened before.

Check out what Joseph Turner and I faced after leaving the previous city council meeting:

That's when the driver, a retired peace officer with a conceal carry permit pointed his gun at the crowd. He was arrested for brandishing a firearm.

Julia Wick, the Editor in Chief for LAist said, "It's become a really unlikely battleground in the sanctuary city debate along with a couple of other small and predominately Latino communities in south east la county."

It's an unlikely battleground? It's the essential battleground! The city of Cudahy typifies everything that is wrong with a ghetto, third-world sanctuary city enclave. Corrupt, lawlessness, trash and debris in the streets, the decline of the city's all-around quality of life--all of it descends from the reckless arrogance of city councils who pander to illegal aliens in order to cover up their crimes.

There is no worse example of this than Cudahy--and there is nothing wrong with American Children First and We the People Rising taking on the city and its corrupted inhabitants.

She says Anti-immigration groups started showing up in 2015 to city council meetings after the cities voted to be labeled sanctuary cities.

FAIL: We are anti-illegal immigration--get it right, Julia!

American Children First is one of those groups which is also trying to partially de-fund Cudahy with local ballot measures.

Joseph Turner, the president of American Children First said, "I'm absolutely not trying to punish the community because it's Latino I'm punishing the community because they defend policies that support illegal aliens.

Go Joseph Go!

Now, not everyone is happy that We the People of the United States and all other attending patriots are taking on Cudahy corruption and lawlessness.

Check out Edin "Americans are Wetbacks" Enamorado:

Enamorado is a pseudo-politician looking to score points with residents. He wants to tout himself as a champion of "the people", but at the same time is willfully blind to the corruption eating up "his community."

"Chris Garcia sent me. Give me all your money!
Unless you're illegal ..."

If you follow the exchange in the above video, you will notice him jump from one subject to the next, unable to focus on one train of thought. He becomes increasing agitated, then he calls one of his perverted cohorts to threaten me.

"Illegals do whatever I say."

At one point in the discussion, I ask him point blank--"Why are you trying to smear people?"

Of course, I get no answer, because politicians are not interested in the truth, especially the young ones.

Check out this video here to see how intense the situation became at the Circle K in Cudahy, after Green took out his gun to protect himself and the passengers in his car.

Click here.

Final Reflection.

Thomas Green was released with a citation at the East LA Sheriff's station. In spite of initial information that he would be let go at 2am in the morning, he was released and brought up earlier.

He has been charged with a misdemeanor, brandishing a firearm. The  charges are completely unfounded. What is even more baffling: the Lieutenant informed me that police officers cannot arrest someone for a misdemeanor unless they are a witness to it.

Los Corruptitos de Cudahy

Did any of the deputies see that "brandishing of the firearm"?

This is the latest unfounded attack against private citizens challenging the lawlessness in sanctuary havens and outlaw cities like Huntington Park and Cudahy.

The disregard for our constitutional rights should not surprise anyone. Why should we be surprised to see law enforcement losing their moral bearings?

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