Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Another Runner! Sanctuary City Clerk Refused to Take Initiative Papers

It's official.

Not only is the Huntington Park City Council corrupt.

Not only is the Huntington Park Police Department corrupt.

Now the city clerk is completely in on this perversity.

Check out the outrageous treatment that Joseph Turner and the rest of us received:

The Huntington Park City Clerk is Donna Schwartz.

She REFUSED to take the paperwork!

Here she goes!

First the deputy said that only the City Clerk could take the paperwork

And here's Donna Schwartz!

See Donna Run!

Run, Donna, Run!

We got another runner!!


I have officially filed another complaint with the Los Angeles County Public Integrity Division for this egregious violation of state law.

The city clerk in a municipality refused to accept the paperwork for a city initiative, which she is required to do by law!


Deputy DA Gilmer:

Joseph Turner of American Children First, along with Huntington Park residents Daniel Salazar and Nick Iaonnidis, wanted to file the proper filing paperwork in order to initiate a prop 218 repeal of the city's utility user's tax.

All paperwork was in order, and Turner was ready with the customary $200 filing fee.

The city clerk's deputy and the City Clerk--Donna Schwartz--refused to accept the paperwork!

It was incredible!

Here is the video of the entire encounter.

First, my own video:
Joseph Turner of American children First with Huntington Park residence Daniel Salazar and Nick the Greek filed official paperwork to repeal the utility user...

Here's another version of the same video, from Joseph Turner:
"Operation Defund Sanctuary Cities" is a campaign spearheaded by American Children First founder Joseph Turner. The campaign seeks to repeal utility user tax...

I have two concerns about this:

  1. A city employee paid with taxpayer dollars refused to fulfill her obligation as a city employee
  2. An unjust disruption in the filing process for initiating the repeal of the Utility Users Tax in the city of Huntington Park

Eventually, Lieutenant Alfred Martinez, #5529 received the paperwork, but only a time stamp which read "received" appeared on the copies of the initiative filings.

He did not receive any filing fee--as he informed Turner, myself, as well as Daniel Salazar and Nick Iaonnidis that there was no fee.

This behavior from the Huntington Park city clerk is unconscionable lawlessness.

Please address this issue with the city council and staff--especially City Clerk Donna Schwartz--as soon as possible.

If the LA County DA's Office is not the proper office for me to address this complaint, Deputy Gilmer, please direct me to whom I should submit this complaint.

Thank you.

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