Thursday, June 8, 2017

Update: I Got My Phone Back from the Huntington Park PD

After my unjust incarceration in Huntington Park, I learned that teh police department seized my phone as evidence.


The claim from the evidence officer and the watch commander rested in the argument that evidence would be found on the phone. Funny thing is ... I recorded the 30 minutes of public comment up to my unjust removal on Facebook LIVE!

It was already available to the public.

What right would they have to seize my phone? What authority would a judge grant to allow them to break into my phone? The San Bernardino Islamic Terrorists who massacred their co-workers had an I-phone, and the federal debate emerged about the extent of 4th Amendment rights to protect citizens' privacy.

Let's face it: they had no grounds to seize or search my phone.

In fact, I imagine that any judge who respects his role as an objective trier of fact would have kicked away a reuest for a warrant without haste.

Anyone, my partner in activist fun Joseph Turner drove me to the Huntington Park police department to see if I could pick up my phone, As soon as we showed up in the library parking lot, Sergeant Settles called Joseph and told him that my phone was ready for pick up!

Here is my statement on getting my phone back!

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