Thursday, June 8, 2017

Minnesota GOP: Democrats are the Party of NO! Time for a GOP Governor

Dayton’s veto highlights need for Republican governor

Last week, Governor Dayton signed major pieces of legislation into law – including funding for the Democrat-controlled executive branch – while eliminating funding for the Republican- controlled legislative branch. The move was partisan and lacked integrity, but more important, it was likely unconstitutional.

Those who follow politics will know that this was just the latest episode in Dayton’s long history of irrational behavior. From closing his Washington, D.C., office as U.S. Senator, to changing his mind on previously made agreements as Minnesota Governor, this latest episode will come as no surprise to many.

The surprising part is how the Governor’s action sheds a revealing light on the Democrat Party. It shows how the Democrat Party has become the Party of “No.” No to bi-partisanship. No to acting with integrity. And no to positive solutions for all Minnesotans. Dayton’s veto is not the rogue act of one man, but is evident of a systemic shift within the Party and many of its’ politicians.
This legislative session has been a historically productive session. Republican leaders negotiated to provide tax breaks for students, seniors, farmers, and families with children. They negotiated to provide proper funding to repair roads and bridges, while stopping a gas tax increase. They negotiated to lower costs and increase options for those struggling with Obamacare.

When faced with these many positive reforms, Democrats, led by Governor Dayton, said a loud and menacing NO. They chose to use the bully pulpit to try to undo the positive advances.
For this reason, it is crucial to elect a Republican governor in 2018. Without a Republican in that office, we can only expect more of the same from Democrats. More partisan and political behavior. More moves that lack integrity. And more senseless blocking of positive reforms.

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