Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Robert "Naui" Hernandez Exposed: Can't Take the Heckling He Gives to Others

This post is a special Thank You to American Children First.

Joseph Turner, the founder, put together a great video collage of what We the People Rising really think of Robert "Naui" Hernandez.

He is a clown, a fool, and is very, very entertaining.

Check out this great video:

Check out some other great pictures of our new friend Naui Hernandez:

But here's my favorite!

1 comment:

  1. Naui is a BIG (I mean short)Bully. He knows him and his illegal criminal relatives are wrong but he persist that they will take over America. Once he realizes the problem is he has NO Power as an illegal Alien Criminal. His life consist of going around threatening Citizens to force them to cave-in, but he has come across the Right Group who is NOT going anywhere. We are Americans not criminal aliens looking for a hand out and the right to claim someone else land. We will NOT Stop until they are all DEPORTED out of this Country!