Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hell Freezes Over: Liberal GOP Governor Stands Against Sanctuary State Democrats

Lo and behold. Sometimes, an elected Republican in a blue state can act like one.


Charlie Baker still sucks. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts needs a governor who will protect the citizens of his state on the domestic as well as the national front.

When he signed off on the transgender "non-discrimination" law, Baker was toast for me.

Yet just this one time, Baker is doing the right thing--or at least acts as if he wants to.

The Massachusetts, or should I write Marx-achusetts,

There is some hope, I guess, even in liberal New England, where Republicans need to start acting like Republicans again.

Check out this eblast from the Massachusetts GOP:


It seems like at every turn, Democrats are pushing extreme, out-of-touch immigration policies that make our Commonwealth less safe. Just last week, their adopted Party platform formally called for the creation of a sanctuary state
Over on Beacon Hill, Democrat lawmakers are trying to make that idea a reality - but fortunately, Gov. Baker is standing in their way. Legislators last month introduced a bill that would block the Department of Corrections' partnership with ICE. Since last year, that partnership has kept nearly 150 dangerous, violent criminals who were here illegally off the streets, putting them into federal custody.

See? I can be conservative
(once in a while)

Driven by an extreme desire to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state, Beacon Hill Democrats are pushing a bill to remove this partnership. But according to the Boston Herald, "they face staunch opposition from Gov. Charlie Baker, who called any bill stripping state funding from the agreement 'a step backwards in public safety.'"
We're lucky to have Gov. Baker standing up for public safety and against extreme measures to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state. But we need to send a message to legislative leaders -  sign our petition and send to tell them we can't afford to make MA a sanctuary state, and that we stand with Gov. Baker in opposing this bill.

Kirsten Hughes
MassGOP Chairman

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