Sunday, June 4, 2017

Classy: "Jackass" SCAM-inoff Gets Owned by Grassroots

A few days ago, I was placed into a private conversation on Facebook.

There are is a wide swath of conservative grassroots activists who want to make things happen in Los Angeles County.

They are fed up with the infighting which the Republican Party of Los Angeles County started with the Beach Cities Republicans.

Mr, Gary SCAM-inoff showed his true colors once again:

Aminoff SCAM-inoff is a bully, He shamed me because I did not want Chris Castillo to speak at a Beach Cities Republicans meeting. "What will Maureen think? She is already talking about it?!

Indeed he does push people around who do not agree with him. He called me an "idiot" for trying to make him my enemy. Honestly, the Central Committee has become so irrelevant under his watch, he has probably made lots of people his enemy.

Maureen Johnson, that is, the same lady who slappd herself on the back with self-congratulation even though Craig Huey would lose his bid for state assembly in 2012, while she was running the campaign!


Notice that other members of the discussion call ot his elitism, too.

Arthur's a jackass
But that's only because I'm a liar

The idea that he knows best what will save the party is just laughable. After his 50 years involved with the Central Committee, and the slow and now precipitous demise of the Central Committee, one would think that the members throughout the county would have rejected Mr. Sham-inoff.

NOtice, however, that he would rather play games and lie to conservatives like me. And with leadership like Aminoff, RINO-PLAC is getting just what it deserves

Like the leader of the Hawaiian Islands Republican Assembly has said many times over--if we want to win again, we need to clean house, and that starts with the rot at the top, including teh corrupted, fraudulent Executive Committee, then the New Majority RINOs with the backing of liberal GOP Charles Munger Jr.

FYI, Gary: we don;t want you to join us at the Beach Cities Republicans. No one likes a loser--and that fits you perfectly.

One more thing -- my blog gets an everage of 1,000 views a day. Does anyone read your blog? Just wondering. Also, get that forgetfulness thing checked out. If you can't even keep up with all the people you have attempted to bully, maybe you're facing some early stages of dementia .... or a guilty conscience.

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