Monday, June 12, 2017

MassResistance in Oregon: Visiting the Secretary of State and Conservative State Rep

June 5, 2017 was a great day for MassResistance.

The Beaver State has become so left-leaning, it's hard to connect how the rest of the state, which is very conservative, tolerates the destructive leadership in Salem?

Monday morning, I had the day planned out!

I was going to the Oregon State Legislature. I wanted to meet with Andy Olson, my father's State House Rep, a conservative in the central/coastal section of the state.

While there in Oregon for the weekend, I intended to meeting with the following people:

1. Aaron and Melissa Klein, the two bakers whose business was shut down following the abusive fine levied by  Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian.

2. Secretary of State Dennis Richard, the first Republican elected to statewide office in Oregon since 2002. His opponent in 2016 was the anti-Christian bigot Brad Avakian, who very likely oppressed the Kleins in part to improve his election chances with key left-wing interest groups.

3. House Rep Andy Olson.

I was not able to meet with the Kleins, but the leader of Parents Rights in Education contacted me within minutes of MassResistance eblast going out to the Oregon community. This pro-family group has been kicking LGBT hate away from hurting our rights and standing as citizens in this country.

They are taking on the Medicaid use and abuse in Oregon, for example.

At the state capitol, I took a self-tour of the first floor myself.

Then a tour guide led me, two other tourists, and a class of students around the state legislature.

After touring the state senate and state house from the balcony level, I went to the Secretary of State's office:

Dennis Riichardson's victory in deep blue, pro-LGBT Oregon was an earthquake, and a welcome development for the pro-family movement.

Even in a liberal state, men and women do not believe that Americans should be bullied because they will not compromise their First Amendment rights in the name of political correctness.

The tide is indeed turning, if I may digress.

The UK Guardian has reported that young people are not sold on "gay" marriage, nor do they embrace the other stultifying views of the Left, including abortion or climate change as an existential threat.

Just as men and women were convinced that the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall were here to stay--then crumbled, fell, and disappeared, so this perverse misunderstandings about life, gender, marriage, and sexuality will all fall away as men and women see that true life and prosperity is found in natural, God-ordained boundaries of marriage and family.

Deborah Royal, the lady in black, serves as Sec. of State Richardson's chief of staff.

She gladly obliged to take a photo with me.

 Due to time constraints, I was not able to conduct a lengthy interview. I did learn, however, that Ms. Royal served in the Reagan administration during his second term. He was very strong on family issues, and never shied away from mentioning the crucial role of the divine in our culture: "If we forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be one nation gone under!.

My second visit was really phenomenal.

I had called House Rep Andy Olson (R-Albany) office ahead of time.

His staffer had tried to get back in touch with me, but she might have gotten the wrong number from me.

The floor session had ended in recess by the time I arrived at his office.

Even though there were LGBT rainbow flags everywhere, throughout the Democratic and Republican legislative offices. Rep. Olson did not have any such memorabilia.

I already felt at home. As I walked down the hallway toward his office, I wasn't even sure he would be in. The secretary/staffer next to me encouraged me to knock on his office door.

Lo and behold, he was having lunch with his staffer.

Actually, as soon as I mentioned MassResistance, he invited me to sit down.

He had not heard of the international pro-family group, but he remembered my calling his office to schedule a meeting with him.

As soon as he saw me, he invited me to have a seat: "Call me Andy."

"Call me Andy."
Incredible! Most people never get to meet their state legislator, let alone have lunch with them. He even gave me some of his food! FYI for national or international readers; in California, a state assemblyman represents at least 400,000 people! There is no way that anyone of us could casually meet our elected representative. In Oregon, a state representative serves around 78,000 people.

Again, it was wonderful to have a sit-down with this state rep.

Portrait in Olson's office

Before I asked him questions, he told me that Oregon has just passed a law which would allow minors aged 15 to seek sex change operatons ... WITHOUT the parents' consent.

Horrible! This is state-sponsored child abuse.

I asked him how long this LGBT agenda had been pressing its way into Oregon.

The issue had perked up a little bit starting in the Bush Administration (43), but it really has taken hold of Oregon since 2015, when gay marriage was imposed on the country by judicial fiat.

Then I asked about Richardson's vitory.

Here are his comments about helping Dennis Richardson become Secretary of State:

I asked him about other concerns. What are we going to do bring the state of Oregon back to natural marriage and family.

"It's going to take prayer."

He also remarked that this moral decline is a national problem, not just an Oregon problem.

I could not agree more.

During the Presidential election, he told me that John Kasich was his choice for President, but he acknowledges that Donald Trump is doing a great job. "Everyone needs to get behind him."

I could not agree more.

Final Reflection

The Parents Rights in Education group is interested in becoming a complementary MassResistance group, so that is a win in itself.

The visit to the statehouse showed me the work that faces pro-family activists across the country. It's possible for anyone of us to make a difference. At the ballot box, men and women of faith and conscience, who share their concerns about the fate of the family and our culture can rest assured that even in a liberal state like Oregon (where incumbent governor Kate Brown prides herself as the first openly bi-sexual governor!), pro-family activists can still score a win and fight back for the long haul.

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