Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Full Statement Regarding My Unjust Arrest in Huntington Park, CA

Hello Everyone. Yes I was arrested last night in the Huntington Park City Council chambers. Unjustly.

I was recording live this very tumultuous city council meeting, completely with Brown Supremacists, plus La Raza and Mexica activists, all of whom believe that the United States is “stolen land” from the indigenous peoples who lived in North America thousands of years ago.

Huntington Park forced itself into the national discussion about illegal immigration when they city defied federal law and appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions—positions which are for citizens only. This and a long spate of corruption and fraud ripping off law-abiding citizens while turning a blind eye to corruption and rampant street and gang crime.

On the evening of June 6th, 2017 Huntington Park City Council and police engaged in numerous Brown Act violations, including the unjust out-of-order rulings against me--and my subsequent arrest.

I was never out of order. The city council and the police acting at their corrupt behest were out of order.

The Huntington Park Police officers lied to the crowd of people who were lining up to enter the chambers the room. "The room is at full capacity."

No it wasn't! People in the chambers informed us that there was still plenty of room. Violation of the Brown Act!

Two trumped-up (pun intended) charges were issued against me--that I disobeyed the lawful order of a police officer, and that I was creating a disturbance in the meeting.

Both are wrong. I did not disrupt the meeting, and therefore it was not a lawful order. The Presiding officer for the meeting, Mayor Marilyn Sanabria, had not directly ruled me out of order for any reason. One police officer, Sergeant settled told me to stop looking behind me(?), and then the police chief recommending a "warning" against me. WHAT?! She gave Nick Iaonnidis three warnings, and then he was escorted. Other members were routinely calling out and disrupting the meeting, but they were never reprimanded or ruled out of order.

I was targeted, discriminated against,

One man was cursing at me from behind. Another woman was flashing her camera light in my face. I spoke to Officer Andrade and a volunteer police officer about the matter. They were bothering me, and yet nothing was done about it. Other disruptive people received one or two warnings, and they were not ordered to leave the meeting

When I was given two warnings (for what reason? None.), I was then told that I had to leave the meeting. Since when was it two warnings as opposed to three?

This time, I could not justify allowing them to remove me for no just reason. I thought of Rosa Parks and other patriots who stood up to worse injustices. Pastor Rob Owens reminded me that Parks' decision not to give up her seat helped inspire more people to fight for their rights.

It's time that every American follow her example, along with the example of Martin Luther King Jr. and other freedom fighters who helped Make America Great Again.

More updates to come.

Here is the complete video of the public comment period, including my unjust arrest at the end:

The Huntington Park police have confiscated my phone as "evidence" so I cannot be reached by phone at this time. Please contact me in the following ways:

2. Twitter: @ArthurCSchaper
3. Facebook: Direct Message Arthur C. Schaper

4. Skype: Arthur Christopher Schaper


  1. Arthur has a right to attend these meeting. The problem is they don't want to being attention to the corruption their doing in H.P. They are violating citizen's rights and defending illegal criminal aliens. Huntington Park City Council is out of control and they know it. They don't like people who are aware of their corruption. The city is in debt by millions of dollars and they don't want the American Public to know this? They are wasting Taxpayer's money at our expense.