Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Breitbart Fail RE: Nanette Barragan Town Hall

I have a growing suspicion as to why Breitbart California is sinking fast.

Most of their articles get very few shares.

They spend more time aggregating from other conservative sites.

There is very little actual reporting, and most of it is inside baseball from other conservatives who just narrate the long list of failures at the state level.

One of the key contributors, Jon Fleishman, is a self-congratulatory throwback, Sure, Republicans in Sacramento were very worried about what Fleischman would think of them, or what he would report about them.  But after ten years of seeing Republicans in the state legislature decline, and a growing leftist cohort take over Sacramento, why bother worrying about Fleischman?

The man was anti-Trump to the very end. He ended up writing in Vin Scully, the sports announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I have tried to speak with him, and he is very rude and arrogant. Other people have shared the same opinion of the man. He seems to think he is still an influential conservative legend, even if his FlashReport site has few visitors.

Breitbart California had a brief splash of glory. Their advertising launch contained such risue photos including a mash-up of Nancy Pelosi's head attached to the twerking profile of Miley Cyrus. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy had his editorial pulled from the site immediately after the advertising launch.

Other conservatives have stuck around, but the readership is still very low.

There is so much activism, advocacy, and local victories in California, yet Breitbart California doesn't report on it.

When they do report on something, however, they get the facts wrong, or they make mistakes. They have errors, too, which don't get attended to very uickly, either.

Check out what they just published about We the People Rising and LA for Trump's protest at the Nanette Barragan town hall last Thursday:

Rep. Nanette Barragán (D-CA), a first-year congresswoman from the 44th congressional district, abandoned a town hall meeting on Friday evening in the city of Carson in Los Angeles County after she was faced with an overwhelmingly pro-Trump audience.

First problem; it was Thursday. How about indicating the specific date? June 1, 2017. This is fundamentally sloppy.

I woudl submit that the audience was not overwhelming "Trump", but we overwhelmed her lies and hateful rhetoric against our President.

After the meeting began without the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, the pro-Trump attendees recited it on their own. Rep. Barragán then began her remarks to the meeting by attacking Trump, and was immediately drowned out by jeers and chants: “We love Trump!” “Respect our president!”

This part was great! But where's the "and" between “We love Trump!” “Respect our president!” ?

Then the rest of the article goes to more general comentaroy, how this Demcoratic Congresswoman got a taste of what Republican Congressmen have been forced to tolerate for the past six months.

Final Reflection

Outburts like this and other protests from pro-Trump Californians have been happening all over Sounthern California. Not once did Breitbart California look into what We the People Rising contended with at UC Riverside against State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon.

Where was Breitbart for that?

To the credit of some of the writers, they are catching up with Joseph Turner's proposal to defund sanctuary cities by repealing the local utility users' tax, but even then they piggy-back off of other people's reporting.

I just wish that these reporters spent more time following up on these events, checking their facts, reaching out to activists like Joseph Turner, Robin Hvidston, and myself to make a stronger impact.

Oh, and the Barragan article ... why didn't they simply snippet a more lively photo from the YouTube videos outright? Frankly, our videos portrayed our fight much better than anything that Joel Pollak wrote for this post. It is any surprise that We the People Rising, LA County for Trump, Grindall61, and other citizen media are getting more traction than websites like Breitbart?

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