Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trump Supporters ... in WATTS!

Los Angeles for Trump showed up to support our President in Watts-Willowbrook.

We have some passersby tell us we were in the wrong place.

But we were not afraid to stump for Trump.


Watts, Willowbrook -- We the People were there to represent Donald Trump in a region of Los Angeles where no one seems to care or do anything.

We are pro-life, and we were there stumping for Donald Trump, who has a great pro-life record already.

Check out some scenes from our rally for Trump:

These communities will not grow, will not prosper until more Trump supporters, more Republicans show up and start making the case to give up on Democratic corruption and go with something better.

But no matter what political party one belongs too, the people in these ghetto communities need someone who will show up and fight for what is right. 

Bad schools, bad roads, and no accountability have ruined inner cities.

Donald Trump has led by example:

And now we're moving into "uncharted territory"

Check out this extensive video from Harim "LA For Trump" Uzziel!

We met Trump supporters who live in and near Watts, too!

Here's Jerome, otherwise known as "Stinky" from Long Beach.

He was outspoken and glad to see us!

The man on the far right was walking by and was thrilled to see Trump supporters rally in his neighborhood!

He told he was a former Democrat, too!:

And he was preparing to run a marathon the next day.

Another man, Donald, came by and spoke to us.

We told him about Trump and how he was going to work hard to help all communities, including Black and Hispanic groups.

I also shared with him the true history of the Democratic Party--how they started slavery, then enacted a Great (Welfare) Society to keep black families poor and dependent.

This post is not just about our Trump team in Watts.

Everyone needs to know that there are people in Watts who supported Trump and voted for him!

Lots of people drove by and honked support for us.

They were glad that we were there!


  1. PLEASE SIGN TO GET SOROS BANNED NEED 2,000 more Signatures.

  2. Did people fall ASLEEP in 8th Grade History Class?
    The DNC pandering for the black vote. It is funny in the sick to my stomach kinda funny. The Rosa Parks bus incident took place in 1955 during the time of Jim Crow laws, initiated by democrats. The majority of democrats voted against Eisenhower's 1957 and Johnson's 1964 Civil Rights Act. If it were not for the Republicans both Civil Rights Acts would not have passed. And yet blacks pretty much vote in block for democrats. I just don't get it.

    . Been a Democrat all my life and never looked into the history of the Democratic party. I found out that every slave owner was a Democrat it was Republicans that abolished Slavery. Democrats were against ending slavery. The Civil Rights act was passed by Republicans & the Democrats were against it. Women's & Blacks right to vote was passed by Republicans. Democrats were against that too. The KKK was always & still is of the Democratic party. Hillary took $20,000 from the KKK didn't denounce them or give the money back. In fact they still use the plantation agenda with minorities. Now, the plantations are the Ghettos & Barrios and blighted Urban areas that keep the minorities & poor whites UN informed, under educated and dependent on the government so they can throw them a bone at election time to get the vote just like they've done throughout history. FYI not one Republican was found that ever owned a slave. Yet Blacks & Hispanics & poor whites vote Democratic in block. AGAIN! I JUST DON'T GET IT. WE LOVE TRUMP

  3. Next time a Pro choice snowflake gives you a beef show them this. How could anyone support a candidate that would support this atrocity.
    Infanticide and our tax dollars are paying for.

    She wants to up the date to 2 weeks before birth. And stop the counseling sonograms before the procedure. OUR TAX DOLLARS are PAYING FOR THIS on top of the fact that the babies parts are being sold for a profit
    aborted baby dissected in summer camp