Saturday, February 4, 2017

Video Collage from January 29, 2017 Trump Rally/Counter-Protest at LAX!

MassResistance President Brian Camenker was so impressed with the work that activists for Trump accomplished for the President, that he put together an incredible collage of the blanket stupidity of the anti-Trump hatemongers who chanted their ignorance about Donald Trump, the refugee ban he had imposed for 90 days, and then their outright hatred for other points of view not their own.

One person was respectful, but everyone else who invaded in our island tried to push us away.

They were cursing at us.

Some people spit at us.

They tried to take our signs away, and others were committing assault touching us in ways that are completely inappropriate. They were pushing and shoving at us.

Instead of getting upset, we just continued to stand our ground and stand for Trump.

Some of the vicious hatred coming out of the mouths of these abusive anti-Trumpers is so outrageous ... It's FUNNY!

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