Sunday, February 26, 2017

CAGOP Spring 2017 Convention: Getting There

The CAGOP Convention Spring 2017 was not my first convention.

I had gone to the Fall 2015 Convention because of a gift from a well-connected Republican in West Covina named Joe Gardner.

He had connected with my through Facebook 2 years earlier, when he had asked me if I was interested in becoming a delegate. He had reached out to me because of all the posts I had written about Republican policies and values.

Since I was young, I was heavily invested in American political history and politics. During my third year in college, I researched the Congressional re-districting and cut out the new map to post on my wall.

Today, I am not just swimming in my element, but networking with others to make a difference.

This year, a candidate for partisan office appointed me a delegate to vote in the convention on rules, platform reforms, etc.

Friday morning, before I took my flight to the convention, I feared that this event would not be as compelling as I had anticipated. A friend of mine the West Los Angeles area confided to me that he often skips conventions because nothing really happens.

Fortunately, I was surprised about how eventful the weekend turned out.

This convention was a full-course program for me. I have never scheduled the motel stay, the car rental, along with the plane ticket and the other costs. Finally, I learned that I can park my car for the weekend in a safe parking lot near the airport, then take a free shuttle to the departure terminals.

Forgive me that I am learning to do so much at this stage of my life, but I say "Better late than never."

I had to turn in a little earlier, since I was so exhausted--but had a great time nonetheless.

I was surprised to see so many campaign signs on the convention floor, even though the elected offices were all but uncontested.

Huge and welcome, yet compact, I found the convention center inviting from the moment I walked in.

Sacramento was cold! Even by early afternoon, the temperature never rose about 55 degrees.  I have to admit I missed the South Bay for that reason. It's February, and Los Angeles has grazed the low 70s. At least it wasn't snowing in the state capital.

The drive to LAX, parking the car, the shuttle to the airport, the flight to Sacramento was busy but not unbearable. Because the flight was delayed, a face a slightly greater struggle getting to my motel in the city. At this time, there is no justification to pay $300 for a weekend stay at a hotel.

The next morning, I made my way to the Regency Hyatt Convention Center.

Most guests had checked in Friday morning, but I needed a personal day to prepare for everything, and be ready for anything which I had not anticipated.

I was looking forward to a busy and fruitful weekend.

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