Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fair and Balanced: Anti-Trump Protesters at LAX Harass CBS News Report Jeff Nguyen

We the People Rising faced an unprecedented assault because we were not afraid to stand strong and speak out for President Donald Trump. He had every right to ban travelers from key countries, including Syria, where the civil war among diverse and unending factions has spread throughout the region, threatening what little remains of the political stability in the region. Obama drew a red line, and the blood of millions of Muslims, Christians, Yazidis have spilled over and blotted out whatever remained of the boundary.


It's a mess beyond anything that an allied force can contain.

The anti-Trumpers have no sense beyond their feelings. They have run with the Fake News headlines ,and gone with the alternative facts of the left-wing blogosphere. The temporary ban was not a Muslim ban at all. The United States of America has every right to build a wall or to construct just about anything that will ensure the safety of American citizens from enemies foreign and domestic.

Shame on the ignorant, arrogant hatred of the masses. All of them.

It would be a different story for those parents and students if they lost loved ones to illegal aliens or terrorists--all because our borders were not secured and our immigration laws not enforced.

The anti-Trump hordes were not just interested in a false narrative.

They wanted to drown out then silence anyone who disagreed with them.

And that meant targeting and trying to remove We the People Rising.

Some of the most aggressive and bigoted of the protesters even harassed the media who came to cover the event and interview us.

Jeff Nguyen

I met Jeff Nguyen of CBS News that day. He had no arrogance or pretensions about himself. I just asked his name, and he said "Hi, I'm Jeff."

He interviewed our Director Robin Hvidston.

Then he wanted to talk to me.

Within seconds, a large, unkept anti-Trumper showed up and tried to stop him:

Then this hostile thug showed up, and started yelling at Nguyen while trying to silence and shame me to go away.:

Notice how many times she flashed her middle finger at me.

Peaceful discourse at its finest, right?

Notice in the second video how they cornered and the shouted at Nguyen until he promised them that he would listen to their comments before speaking to me.

The best part out of this harangue?

CBS broadcasted Robin's comments and then mine - and reported nothing from the two hateful, intolerant anti-Trumpers!

How about that!

The two videos above, though do show how outrageous and out of touch the SJW left has become, even in California. They are not interested in discussion or dissent. They are only interested in shouting and making noise. They want to take up the streets and ruin everything and everyone who stands in their way.

They refuse any kind of fair and balanced reporting about the events going on on teh ground.

There is only their point of view. Either you accept it, or they shut you down.

I may have a lot of negative things to say about the mainstream liberal media, but I have to hand it to Jeff Nguyen. He stood up to them and called them out for trying to remove a balanced narrative, one which showcased the courage of We the People Rising and our support for Donald Trump!

Click here to see the final report from Jeff Nguyen on CBS news.

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