Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thanks for Revoking Beach Cities Republicans' Charter, RINO-PLAC!

The musings have become murmurings.

And the murmurings have become rumors.

And now today, the criticism from the enraged citizenry have come forward and called out the corruption and bad leadership of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, aka RPLAC, now known as RINO-PLAC.

This is what
GOP activism
looks like!

What is the point of a county central committee when they kick volunteers in the face? Why have a political party in the first place when a couple of wealthy insiders live by their own set of rules, then arbitrarily apply them to everyone else.

I am certain that Beach Cities Republicans Founders Harry Eicher and James Crean would have never seen this day. How shocked they would be to learn that RPLAC leadeship has become corrupted, with no real intention for meeting or even existing ... besides giving a couple of pre-eminent elitist a sense of relevance, plus a place to go on weekends to look like big shots.

What a sad disaster the county has become.

I reached out to former RPLAC leaders and activists. There was a time when a Republican Congressman, state senator, and state assemblyman represented the South Bay in Los Angeles County!

What happened?!

Now, the leaders are content to live off donation welfare and do nothing more than just get together once a month and contemplate their irrelevance.

Here is the current leadership:

Mark Vafiades

Gary Aminoff

Janice Webb

Gary SCAM-inoff has been involved with the Republican Party of Los Angeles County for ... decades.

What does he have to show for his lack of effort?

Would someone please tell me?

Vafiades pushes me out in a rush hearing based on corruption and flimsy charges.

Then there's Janice (caught in a) Webb (of deceit), who called me work trying to pressure me to cancel a meeting, and very likely released the private contacts of all the members of our club to help another candidate remove me as President of the Beach Cities Republicans.

And she was also behind the same corrupt attempt to get rid of me, when she was supposed to ... register voters, raise money, recruit and retain candidates and volunteers.

And speaking of volunteers ...

I just want to say "Thank you" to the RINO-PLAC leaders. This whole charter business has turned out to be a smokescreen for well-dressed irrelevance.

The Mountain View Republican Club faced abuse and bullying because they were activists. They took their show somewhere else and have continued to succeed.

The Beach Cities Republicans has gained more numbers, fame, and influence after losing the "revered" charter.

Anyone striving to get an RPLAC charter is setting themselves up for a liability.

RINO-PLAC: all dressed up and going nowhere fast!

Thank you for taking it away - we are true Republicans, and we want know part of RINO-PLAC!

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