Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The True Face of Ilegal Aliens--Hate-monger Harrasses LA for Trump at LAX

Lots of left-wing, pro-illegal alien amnesty panderers love to claim that the vast majority of men and women who break into this country--and who put their children into unlawful status--are respectful, otherwise law-abiding citizens

But now illegal aliens, especially in California are getting arrogant and abusive.

And entitled!

Check out this poor excuse for a human being:

and here

All this man did was shame and curse at us.

He then presumed to lecture We the People because we don't know what our constitution says?

This man was a total coward, running away from me when I pressed him to explain his lawless status.

Don't let anyone tell you that illegal immigration is a victimless crime with no adverse consequences.

Miscreants like the little man in the videos above need to be DEPORTED!

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