Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump Derangement Syndrome Strikes California Democratic Leaders:"Tired of Talking About Trump"

The California Democratic Party is the last bastion of any relevance for the communistic elements as a  major force for political intervention.

They have pushed redistribution of wealth, open borders, anti-liberty policies.

They don't care about working people, and they reject the rule of law.

They want to enrich themselves while plundering and impoverishing everyone else.

At the opening of the new legislative sessions, Speaker Anthony Rendon and State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon struck defiant tones against Washington DC and President Trump.

State Senator Ricardo Lara has connected much of his legislation to Donald Trump, and stopping his pro-American agenda.

Give me a break! How pathetic can one get.

The state assembly and senate issued joint resolutions attack the President, too!

Fast forward two months, and the two California Democratic leaders don't want to talk about Donald Trump.

But now--NOW!--they don't want to talk about Donald Trump anymore,

Assembly Speaker: ‘I’m tired of talking about Donald Trump’ (From the Sacramento Bee)

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon had a message for California newspaper publishers Wednesday: “I’m tired of talking about Donald Trump.”

Led by Rendon and Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, Democrats in the California Legislature have been setting themselves up as the resistance to the new administration since before Trump took office. De León in particular has been very outspoken against Trump and the president’s executive orders on immigration, saying the actions conflict with California values.

Rendon’s speech before the the California Newspaper Publishers Association strayed from the typical anti-Trump attack. While Rendon touched on the stark differences between deep-blue California and a GOP-dominated federal government, he told a room full of newspaper executives that his opening remarks at a recent Assembly Democrats Caucus retreat were that he was tired of speaking about the president.

He sounds a lot like Low Energy JEB!

How funny is that!

“We’re all doing a great job of talking about Trump and holding Trump accountable,” Rendon said. “If Hillary Clinton had gotten elected president of the United States, we would have started the year with 2.5 million children in California living in poverty. If Hillary Clinton had been elected president of the United States, we would have started the year with crumbling roads.”

Rendon can't hold his state together. He has no hold on reality, either. Does he really think that a state facing multi-trillion dollar debt and pension liabilities is going to hold anyone accountable?


He remarked on the importance of telling the stories of Californians who suffer from the state’s housing crisis and transportation issues.

Of course, Rendon neglects to mention that the Democrats in Sacramento created these messes and are determined to double down on these failures.


I guess California's Democratic leaders have learned the hard way that they are not going to get away with too much playing the blame game!

Trump is here to stay, boys. Suck it up, buttercupts!

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