Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Popcorn: Left-Wing Committee for Hispanic Causes Goes NUTS over DeVos Nominee

I receive email from the Left as well as the Right.

I have never been happier to have Democratic and uber-liberal PACs spamming my email account.

They are in full-blown panic since Trump became the 45th President.

Their biggest target yet?

Secretary of Education Nominee Betsy DeVos.

What is it about a rich (white?) successful billionaire who has donated time, energy, and treasure to help educate kids stuck in dire poverty? Why have teachers unions and other left-wing special interests raised a mighty deluge of calls, social media, and just plain alternative facts hate against this woman?

She is the ultimate reformer.

She has fought diligently for charter schools, school choice, for vouchers, for homeschooling.

She is not just a conservative, but she is an outspoken Christian woman who has done what the liberal black community leaders have only talked about.

She wants to make education great again for all kids.

Her reforms, her beliefs, and her ongoing agenda will end the easy power and the money gravy train.

The national political storms hurricaning through Washington DC are determined to wipe-out DeVos' chances in any way possible.

Even though two Republicans US Senators (Murkowski and Collins) have announced their opposition to DeVos, the anti-education, pro-indoctrination Left are already terrified of DeVos

Check out this eblast I received TODAY!

Betsy DeVos confirmed by Senate Committee.

This is all hands-on-deck.

Look -- Trump and his cabinet stand to destroy EVERYTHING we hold dear.

If Democrats like you don’t step up right now to stop him, WE WILL LOSE IT ALL.
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