Thursday, February 9, 2017

LA For Trump in Huntington Park Demand Rule of Law

For the past year and half, We the People Rising have protested in Huntington Park, California.

We have demanded respect as well as local enforcement of our immigration laws.

Now that Donald Trump is President of the United States, and now that Senator Jeff Sessions has become Attorney General Jeff Sessions, there is no longer any room or opportunity for lawless municipalities like Huntington Park.

February 7, 2017 was a memorable night for We the People Rising and Trump supporters all over Los Angeles County. With less than two days notice, Trump supporters and pro-immigration enforcement activists showed up with us to Huntington Park.

Check out the flyer promoting the event:

The city council was so alarmed about this, that just before public comment, Mayor Graciela Ortiz had to correct the record and inform the public that none of the members of the city council were illegal.

It's all about the two illegal aliens on the city commissions, but the point still comes across: the corrupt city council approved the appointment of two illegal aliens to the city commissions--and removed at least twenty people who are lawful, law-abiding residents. How awful does it get!

Check out our first video and meet the new Trump team taking back Huntington Park!

We had citizens from  West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, East LA, West Hollywood, and even Fullerton show up to stand up for our country, the rule of law, and Donald Trump!

It was awesome!

Right away, we noticed at least 8 police officers--EIGHT!--in the chambers that evening.

What were all those police officers watching for?

What was the criminal city council afraid of?

They were afraid of God-fearing, law-abiding Americans, even though the city is overrun with corrupt and illegal aliens taking advantage of lack enforcement in our country ... up to now.

Check out the Trump spirit in the city council chambers!

We had new supporters on the other side of the room also holding up signs:

Then We the People Rising, headed by Robin Hvidston, arrived!

They had been protesting and putting pressure on the Riverside City Council to prevent them from becoming a sanctuary city.

Members of the team were worried that they would not be able to drive over to Huntington Park in time.

But they made it before public comment began!

At one point, the city clerk discussed the the upcoming elections in Huntington Park:

Janet West debunked some of the comments mentioned by the city clerk.

The truth is that the Democrats in Sacramento have created more laws which make it easier for illegals to vote and ramp up voter fraud without any follow-up to ensure that no one can stuff the ballot boxes.

Then came public comment.

As expected, the mayor sorted out the cards and made us wait, even though I was the first person to put cards in!

What a crock!

Members of the city spoke out about the public facilities and their need for better upkeep. George Franco mocked the city council and the public employees for non-enforcement of city codes.

Then Councilman Amezquita addressed the need to repeal the moratorium on charter schools:

Then it was OUR Turn to speak!

It was like old times! The new members of our crew were not afraid to hold the corrupt city council accountable for their wicked lawlessness.

They were visibly uncomfortable. They realized that they were not in charge anymore. The election of Donald Trump sealed the deal for us, and now there's real behind power behind our words to speak out against the corruption, the lawlessness, the pandering and promotion of illegal immigration.

Here's DeAnn D'Lean speaking out.

Her daughter is starting out a teacher, and now she can't get a grant for loan forgiveness from the state of California--but illegal aliens still get cheaper of free tuition to enroll in our schools?

Here are my comments and photos (thank you, Faris Ibrik!)

And the video:

We really brought the house down at that point.

The mayor and two of the police officers tried to force Janet and Robin to take down the Trump banner.

I refused. I demanded that they stop  my time to resolve the matter--a problem which they had created.

Janet West showed some real spunk and stood up to the police officer.

We won that fight, calling out the discrimination of the city council. Let's face the facts: they simply did not want to see Donald Trump's name paraded in the city council chambers.


I also exposed to the audience--including our new friends--that Sergio Infanzon, who was seated in the front row--had once told a black woman to "Go back to Africa." .He gets a six-figure salary, too, and at taxpayers' expense

Jhonny Pineda arrived late -- and so did Karina Macias!

And just as I was mentioning her, too!

Other people in the audience made the case loud and clear:

Donald Trump is President - and we repeatedly hammered the Huntington Park City Council that Jeff Sessions would be confirmed as the next Attorney General.

Now it's a done deal!

He's coming to enforce the law!

The city council tried to pass off everything as though nothing had happened:

But the know full well that their time is coming to an end.

Play time is over, and this lawlessness will cease.

And the two illegal aliens Julian Zatarian and Francisco Medina will flee or get deported!

We the People Rising joined forces with more Los Angeles County Trump supporters to hammer the Huntington Park City Council for their rogue decision to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions!

The fight is on, and with Attorney General Jeff Sessions​ in power, we will finally se Justice in our Land!

Please spread the word! If you are in the SoCal area, feel free to contact me at!


  1. Awesome - Thank you and Gd Bless for standing up and speaking out - I am from the East coast and I am with you !!!

  2. K.M.K read as Karina Macias Korrupta aka la "caballona" tu tiempo esta contado your time is coming to an end Trump is here now pronto tu y tus novias van aparar al tambo

  3. God Blass We The People, Thanks for coming to Huntington Park