Saturday, February 18, 2017

LA for Trump Confront Anti-American Hate in Downtown Los Angeles

LA for Trump is not afraid.

We are taking our message of love and support for our President all the way to the deepest, bluest sections of Los Angeles County (which is pretty much everywhere except the edges near Orange County and the Palos Verdes area).

Today, February 18, another set of raging anti-Trump, anti-American, pro-illegal alien protests were set to envelope the streets of Downtown Los Angeles.

Surprisingly enough, though, Mayor Eric Garcetti has gotten awfully quiet about the sanctuary city policy. Perhaps he realizes that Trump does not play games. The President means what he says, and is following through on enforcing our laws.

Of course, the rest of the left-wing Twitterati, Hater-ati are furious. They were convinced by the lying, fawning media that Crooked Hillary would be the next President of the United States--and it didn't happen!

Los Angeles for Trump showed up to make a difference. The lies from the media and the anti-social injustice warriors need to be challenged and overturned with the truth.

And we were ready to make our case!

All of us gathered near 5th and Spring Street first.

We found reporters and photographers abounding to take pictures of  us:

Police officers came by to find out our numbers and our goals for the day.

They were extremely helpful, and we welcomed their presence:

More people gathered to support our efforts in Los Angeles too:

Before we went to LA City Hall, we prayed together. Our good friend Harim Uzziel read a blessing from Psalm 91 for all of us. We knew that we would need plenty of protection, and we had it!

It was a glorious walk down Spring Street.

Some people cursed at us, but lots of people honked in support and waved.
One of the reasons why Los Angeles for Trump shows up to represent for our President--we want all Angelenos who love and support our President to declare their support loudly and proudly.

No one should run and hide or stay silence because of their political views. No one should be ashamed because they put Americans first.

Raymond Herrera sure isn't afraid!

Once we arrived a city hall, we refused to back down and just wait on a corner.

We went to city hall and took photos on the steps:


We marched around the park across the street from city hall, hoping to catch the media before the Anti-Trump marches overwhelmed the streets.

Then we settled and promoted our President right on the corner of First and Spring Street:

Another pro-Trumper from Modesto, but who now lives in Los Angeles, joined us.

Live feeds were recording us everywhere, too.

As soon as the anti-Trump protesters started taking over the street, the conflict hit a new heated pitch.

Some of the racists tried to shout us down.

The police stayed nearby to ensure our safety.

One creepy man keep flashing his middle finger at us. He pushed one of the ladies in our team.

I followed him up the street demanding that he answer for what he did.

Then another guy sneaked up behind me and knocked my phone out of my hands.

Then he ran away:

College students, grown men, and even an adjunct professor reaced out to talk to,

Reporters also asked Harim key uestions about his decision to demonstrate for Trump:

The anti-Trumpers did their hate spiel, but none of us backed down.

The LAPD protected us and respected our rights to freedom of speech.

We prepared to head out about1:30pm so that we could attend the Cudahy City Council meeting next.

The police informed us that the would escort us to our cars.

They walked ten blocks to ensure our safety!


Big media and the welcome opportunities to speak the truth about Trump and love of country.

It was a great day!

(Videos coming soon!)

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  1. When is trump gonna put down the golf clubs, stop campaigning and do something for the American people kicking out Mexicans and refusing refugees does not put bread on the table. Where are the jobs infrastructure tax reform?