Thursday, February 9, 2017

Vafiades Champions Free Speech, But Told me To Take Down a Blog Post. CONFUSED?

Now this tweet was particularly interesting.

Former RINO-PLAC Chairman and current First Vice (in more meanings than one) was alarmed at the fascist behavior of the riots at UC Berkeley:

He is championing free speech here.

But when I posted the poorly written letter sent from Executive Director Jason Maruca, who was pressured by a haphazard by-laws committee to threaten me, the charter for Beach Cities Republicans was later revoked.

This kind of GOP leadership-hypocrisy is a little too common in the state of California, sadly.

I witnessed what happened to UC Irvine GOP member  George Novshadyan for his off-color jokes about Islam. Instead of standing with their team member, the UC Irvine GOP "leadership" kicked hm out.

George is a Los Angeles County resident, by the way ... and RINO-PLAC did ... nothing!

Now, in November 2016, then Chairman Vafiades called about about what had been going on with the rogue, corrupt by-laws committee.

They had reached a "unanimous" decision that the Beach Cities Republicans had violated some statute in the RPLAC handbook. Of course, Vafiades then would tell me that it was OK for me to allow a non-Republican to speak at the club.

But the by-laws committee then added all these heinous allegations--without proof--that I had somehow hurt the party.

Let's not forget that RPLAC has been hurting their own cause by raising no money, but not registering voters, and now by revoking the charter for the the largest, most effective volunteer organization in Los Angeles County.

Free speech for everyone ...

except Arthur!!


Now, you need to know what Vafiades told me that November night:

"Arthur, I intervened in the by-laws committee process. But you need to take down that blog you wrote ... because it will make the party look bad."

Really? As if Republican "leadership" in the county not doing anything is not hurting this country ... Really ...

From corrupt Janice Webb's decision to try to get rid of me -- and then to call my work! -- to the backward perversity of the By-Laws committee and the executive board to revoke the Beach Cities Republicans charter.

Vafiades told me to take down the blog post exposing what the By-Laws committee tried to do to the Beach Cities Republicans!

Check out the blog here.

Vafiades champions free speech, but told me to take down a blog post which was blowing the whistle on bad leadership and corrupt dealings in RPLAC.

Hypocrisy, much?

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