Thursday, February 2, 2017

Betsy DeVos in Danger! Call US Senators--Don't Let Them Stop This Education Reformer!

President Trump’s strong, conservative nominees have sailed through confirmation.

And the Regressive Left is mad!

They are fighting like mad to stop Trump’s future cabinet nominees.

Left-wing special interests, teachers’ unions, everyone who profits from the failed, government-run educational status quo want to stop Betsy DeVos.

Why are they afraid of her?

1.       She supports charter schools
2.       She has advanced school choice options for working-class families
3.       She wants vouchers and homeschooling as options for all students
4.       She will end the corrupt and waste of labor unions and government bureaucrats who enrich themselves at the expense of your kids and our tax dollars.

If the US Senate votes DeVos down, expect:

1.       More failing schools
2.       No choice for your family to find the best education
3.       Liberal indoctrination for your kids
4.       Long-term failure and unemployment

Because of the heavy, intense lies from all the liberal interest groups above, two Republican US Senators have announced that they will not support DeVos!

Now more than ever, your pressure on key US Senators can ensure that a great conservative education reformer becomes into Trump’s next Secretary of Education.

Please contact the following US Senators. Your outreach makes all the difference!

Your call will only take 30 seconds to 1 minute per US Senator, and your child’s future depends on it!

The Two Republican US Senators Currently in Opposition

Use this script:

“Hello, my name is __________, and I am calling this office to inform Senator ______ that she must reverse her decision and support Betsy DeVos as our next Secretary of Education. The future of our children’s education depends on it. Thank you.”

Susan Collins (R-Maine): (202) 224-2523
Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska): (202)-224-6665

Senators Up for Re-Election in 2018

Use this script:

“Hello, my name is _________, and I am calling Senator _________ to urge him/her to support Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. And as a reminder, we are well-aware that Senator ________ faces re-election next year. Thank you.”
  • Angus Kings (I-Maine): (202) 224-5344
  • Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin): (202) 224-5653
  • Tom Carper (D-Delaware): (202) 224-2441
  • Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania): (202) 224-6324
  • Bob Corker (R-Tennessee): 202) 224-3344
  • Joe Donnelly (D-Indiana): (202) 224-4814
  • Jeff Flake (R-Arizona): (202) 224-4521
  • Martin Heinrich (D-New Mexico): (202) 224-5521
  • Heidi Heitkamp (D-North Dakota): (202) 224-2043
  • Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota): (202) 224-3244
  • Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri): (202) 224-6154
  • Bill Nelson (D-Florida): 202-224-5274
  • Debbie Stabenow (D-Michigan): (202) 224-4822
  • Jon Tester (D-Montana): (202) 224-2644
  • Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi): (202) 224-6253

For Other US Senators On the Fence

Use this script:

Hello, My name is _________, and I am calling Senator ______ to urge him/her to support Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. She is a qualified nominee with the best interests of children at heart. The future of public education and our children’s future is at stake. Thank you.”
  • Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nevada): (202) 224-3542
  • Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin): (202) 224-5323
  • John McCain (R-Arizona): (202) 224-2235
  • Marco Rubio (R-Florida): (202) 224-3041
  • Thom Tillis (R-North Carolina): (202) 224-6342
  • Mark Warner (D-Virginia): (202) 224-2023

This is urgent. We can’t allow the regressive left to stop education reform and school choice for our students!

Let me know if you have any questions. Email me at


  1. I currently serve as Co-President of Michigan's State Board of Education and have observed Mrs. DeVos work over the last quarter century. She will make an excellent Secretary of Education.

  2. I respect what she wants to do and what she supports but how is she qualified? "“Mrs. DeVos’ resume contains no experience in public education at any level, not as a teacher, not as an administrator, not as a student or parent, not as a school board member and not even as a borrower of public loans for college,” said Peters in a speech on the Senate floor." These are all facts that can be verified and researched. With this in mind, in all respect, how is she qualified?

  3. I received this wonderful letter from Dr. Lawrence Southwick of Osprey, Florida:

    It needs to be noted that Milton and Rose Friedman left their estate to create a foundation promoting school choice. Keep in mind that the Friedmans were superb economists, with Milton getting the Nobel Prize for his work. He wanted people to be “Free to Choose”, his book on the topic. The anti-DeVos people want to keep poor minorities in thrall to the greedy union bosses.

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