Thursday, February 9, 2017

Perennial US Senate Candidate Al Ramirez Called ME "WHACK": Why?

Shortly after the "Republican" Party of Los Angeles County executive board voted to revoke the charter of the largest, most successful volunteer Republican club in Los Angeles County, the RPLAC Twitter feed released the following

Then  the perennial US Senate candidate Al Ramirez of Santa Monica commented to Chris Cadelago:

"It's because their president is whack."

Then added: "The club used to be great, not what is used to be."

I wanted to understand why Al Ramirez called me "whack".

Instead of showing sense of courage, he deleted the tweet, then blocked me.

Give me a break!

1 comment:

  1. Your experience with Al Ramirez does not surprise me. I know Al Ramirez through a Tech Networking group. Al claims to be some kind of Telecom guru - he's not. I call him "The great pretender". Al Ramirez has got to be the biggest poseur in the history of politics. Al has got a lot of nerve calling anyone "whack" considering he came in almost dead last in 2012.